Couch to 5K

Week 5 R 2

Thats it week 5 run 2 done. Felt brilliant even though running along Brighton sea front at 7.30 last night was very cold and breezy. The uninterrupted 8 min runs felt very good and I felt I could have run for alot longer. Big one tomorrow 20 mins non-stop thats a real test to see how far I have come. So pleased with the stone weight loss I hope it will be a further stone after the next 4 weeks!

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Good luck with tomorrows run! You're doing great...what's your secret on the weight loss. I need to focus on that now I've kinda sussed the running step at a time!


good luck with the big run tomorrow :)

pace yourself & have a very stern word with those running demons before you go & you'll be fine.

let us know how you get on ~ I did this yesterday WooHoo


Me too - tonight! I too have been speaking very sternly to those naughty demons for the last couple of days in preparation - I think it helped. Well done all!


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