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Week 5 R 3 Completed

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Still gobsmacked that I did this, just got in and celebrating with a cup of tea and a packet of oreo's and I can tell you I was not very clever as I decided to wait until tonight and go just one way until finished on canal, It was a very long walk back !!!!!! I don't like carrying a water bottle so drank in the half hour or so before I ran which added its own misery !!!!!! on way back.

When Laura counted down the time that I have been jogging various thoughts and phrases went through my head the last 5 minutes then 2 minute count down felt like a lifetime !!!!!!!!!

Right knee and ankle is aching though not to much, both feet are achy I again tried to follow Lauras breathing technique which I cannot do (can do the technique about 1 in 5). I believe I paced myself quite well barely a jog. I recovered quite well quicker then I thought, breathing appeared back to normal within the 5 min cool down, heart rate probably took a little longer. Wow not bad for a 53 year old who until now has never ran/jogged in entire life.

O oreos are all gone now, better put the empty packet in the bin lol.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)


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Well done, from week 6, the programme is still challenging but now you can run 20 minutes, you will be able to do the same again and then just add on some minutes through to finishing. I am on week 8 on Monday. At the beginning, the thought of running for 3 whole minutes was terrible and my 20 minute run was hard (especially the last minute)! In week 7, I decided to keep running after 25 minutes and reached 30, Runkeeper told me how close I was to 5K so I thought "let's do this" and just kept plodding on until 43 minutes when I did 5K! Ran 5K again today too, my confidence through the programme has grown so much.

Making sure I get lots of rest, stopped my cycling just so I can focus on running, it is taking all I have got. Have also started Strength and Flex which is on the Health Unlocked website, it helps you to build your strength and hope that will help me avoid injury.


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AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to JoolieB1

Congrats JoolieB, amazing progress- well done! 😀

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Glen53Graduate in reply to JoolieB1

Well on reaching week 8 it is a great achievement. I agree with you it is very challenging, I can see why you are just concentrating on running.


I can't do Laura's breathing technique either but hey you did it any way! I did the same run tonight too. It's a great feeling isn't it and quite a landmark on the programme as it seems it going to be more running now and less walking. Hope you enjoyed your oreo's, it's making me feel hungry! ☺️

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Glen53Graduate in reply to farawaytree74

Yep many thanks Oreo were nice lol, yes I still have a feeling of achievement today Monday, though did 1st run of week 6 yesterday which I found hard, hard to give myself a stern talking to at one stage but managed to complete.


Well done! I have a canal near me too and would like to run along it (much better than the busy roads), but as I've only just started I have no real grip on how far I'll get and when to turn around etc. Definitely want to avoid the long walk home so hope I get better at judging it.

Hope you enjoyed your well deserved Oreos :-)

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Glen53Graduate in reply to Jiggity

The canal is great, I choose this as was to self conscious, for roads!!!!

Well done you. Major achievement!


1.) do not be surpirsed if W6R1 is a kick in the fundament. It os for 99% of us for some inexplicable reason - do a search on here to confirm.

2.) Oreo packet in the bin. Let that be an end to them. and all sugar.

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Glen53Graduate in reply to Rignold

Week 6 run 1, I did yesterday, it was very hard, I don't know why it just was. Thanks for the heads up.

Well done. I know what this :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) feels like, and it's nice to experience it over again, vicariously.

As far as long walks back go, I've tried to deliberately arrange to have these for quite a long time now (er ... I tried ... never mind ...) Once you're finished running, there's always tons of walk still left in your legs (not so with spinning, I stagger for the first km or so like a wounded man) ... so why not use it? Unless you're severely pressed for time, you get a nice, long cool down once you're done if you run out and walk back. You'll actually start finding that after a few minutes a bit of run comes back into your legs, and you have to trot along a bit more every now and then. By the time you're done, you should have a lot less to cause stiffness in the legs (says someone with stiff legs from doing something like this today). Really, if you switch to thinking of the walk back as a bonus, as a treat, then it even makes planning the run easier. You run "away". Route planning done. So now you'll go further out into your world, and see more of it. More adventure for the same event!

But never mind that, now. Time for you to celebrate the w5r3 moment again, I think.

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Glen53Graduate in reply to gary_bart

Many thanks, I have been parking a little further down canal, for scenery change and to help in keeping me motivated. Plus I wanted to see if it is feasible to reach the next basin (boat mooring), um I think that a goal for 10k.

But yes will now plan route/ensure adequate time to be able to enjoy more walk back.


Well done! That's a great achievement getting that particular run in the bag- physically and psychologically too 😀 I'm right there on a longer walk at the end, it really really helps avoid sore legs- and gives you more time to cool down and walk around grinning like a proper daft 'un 😀

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Glen53Graduate in reply to AvatheGardener

To gobsmacked with the grining bit, think I was in a daze, but been smiling since. :) :) :)


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