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Best run yet! Week 6 run 2


In slight shock as I hadn't planned to run today - but got out of work early and ACTUALLY wanted to go - plus it means a tad more of a lie-in tomorrow as a result.

I went to a different park than usual - this one doesn't have tarmac paths around it so I was mainly running on grass which I thought would be difficult but it was nice - I think I have maybe "grown out of" the smaller park with paths... this way I was plodding around the edge of football pitches and was surprsied about how much ground I was covering!

I am still very slow - but definitely getting a bit faster - little by little!

I feel happy! Ha ha is probably "pride before a fall" so I will probably struggle on Tuesday with Week 6 run 3

I am going to have a proper rest day tomorrow - NO EXERCISE until Sunday night cricket practice!

Yay! Thanks fo reading and hope you are also having a positive experience of C to 5k!


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