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Surprised myself

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Quick update, particularly for MissUnderstanding , Cmoi , RunforMum and Kirst13 who were all kind enough to respond to my last post where I expressed some doubts about the 'stretch' between W3 and W4.

I didn't think I was ready for W4. I spent a lot of time this morning deciding I'd leave it 'till tomorrow, perhaps repeat W3 to build some stamina etc. And it was cold this morning which fuelled even more procrastination as I did oddjobs round the house and found things that needed doing which were more important than running.

Then, in a momentary lapse of concentration, I find myself outside, in my running kit with W4 queued up on podcast. I don't consciously remember making the decision to go - it just happened.

And what a glorious morning it was - clear skies, sunshine, crisp and cold enough that the London dock I am using as my training ground had frozen over and the sun was bouncing off the ice.

And I made it. The full 16 mins which had been preying on my mind almost all of last week. It wasn't easy; my legs were like iron weights by the time I did the last 5 min jog but I got to the end. And I'm almost looking forward to getting back out there during the week.

Thanks everyone for the hints, tips and encouragement. Maybe I can do this.

And is it wrong that I'm beginning to hear Laura in my sleep?

13 Replies
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Really appreciate the update ObjectiveBob . Congratulations, you've completed your first W4 run, and now you can enjoy your rest day(s) before going on to achieve your next milestone.

As for the rights and wrongs of hearing Laura in your sleep, I guess it depends what she's saying to you... 😉🤣

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Hmm, this programme works! there is also the bonus of lots of odd jobs are done too 😀

I was slightly in love with Laura by the end of my C25K

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Well done Bob!

Just bear in mind the following few things, which could be mantras for you:

- every run prepares for the next one i.e. the body is always ready. It's been readied by everything you've done so far - that's how any progressive exercise program works. There will always be a moment to 'step-up' a bit and you did it. You did it because you listened to sound advice and overcame your fear. I hope that is proof that your body was ready ... BUT ... it also shows that ...

- your body is always ready (see above) but your mind not so, i.e SWITCH BRAIN OFF - yes, any progressive exercise program will always be *physically* doable (for most) but the trick is to not think too much, cos that's when doubts (gremlins) creep in and you convince yourself that Week X or run Y or weightlift Z is simply too much when in fact, if you've done all the necessary preparation, i.e., all the previous exercises, then you're physically ready .

These programs are not (for most*) a physically challenge, but instead a mental one, as I think you are now discovering.

There is NOTHING else in the program that should faze you now. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll be absolutely fine.

Crack on! 😎


PS You don't need luck - just determination and perserverance.

*there are of exceptions of course - people who are clinically obsese, physically impaired etc.

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ObjectiveBob in reply to John_W

Thanks, John - there are some great insights here and I really appreciate the tips. I've certainly built some confidence following yesterday's run and all the encouraging comments from everyone on this forum.

The mental challenge is definitely coming to the fore. Unfortunately a legacy of just not looking after myself puts me in the physical challenge category as well ... my BMI is in the high 30s and one of the main drivers behind doing the C25K. It's definitely paying dividends!

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John_WAmbassador in reply to ObjectiveBob

That's great to hear. Stick at it - you're doing great.

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Well done!

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Well done! Very few actually crunch the numbers, and don't notice the sneaky increases, except for the obvious "big one" at the end of Week 5.

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Welldone ObjectiveBob!. This was me at the start of week 4. I usually don't look ahead at the running plan for the week so I don't chicken out. The entire warm up walk was me saying "oh no no no I can't do this " and "naaah no freaking way would I carry on for 5 minutes", but I did and it felt great - after and definitely not during😅. Run 2 of the week had me absolutely terrified and i literally had to trick myself to get out to do it.

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Brilliant. The couch to 5k really is magical isn't it! Well done, onward and upward 😁

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She does get in your head - but not in a bad way.

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Such a great update to read! So much of running is a mental game, not just a physical one. Really glad managed to convince yourself you were able to do that run. Now you have had that experience, you’ll be able to remember the time you weren’t confident but you did it anyway the next time something like that comes around.

You should be so proud of yourself!

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Well done Objective Bob 🎉🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♂️🎉

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Oh that's good to hear, week 4 is quite a big jump and you smashed it, enjoy the rest of the week

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