Couch to 5K

Week 5

Yesterday after failing miserably to get up in the morning for my run I committed myself to running after work. It was a tropical 16 degrees here in Aberdeen..I was boiling! Other than that and having to dodge people and cars during rush hour it was a good run. I had to push myself for the last 5 mins but I felt like I was recovering well during the walking parts and felt like I could have pushed myself to run longer if needed.

I used the Endomondo app on my phone to track the distance and it was 3.38km, not sure if this is good or not?

Anyway, looking forward to the 2nd run but slightly dreading the 20mins which happens to fall on Saturday - the day after my birthday argh. I might actually have to be sensible and not drink too much wine the night before! Hm we'll see how that goes haha :D

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Rose, don't worry about the 20 minutes. I did it this morning, and I choose my most challanging run. I have an endurance race on the 17th MArch which is why I started the programme, so I threw in today a few hills and stuff.

It was brilliant, the music gets you trotting on and it is all the same tracks from week 5 all put together.

The challange is not a physical one at all, it is a mental one. You want to stop and you just have to keep going and push through. You will feel (in the words of Craig Reville-Horwood) A-MAIZ-ING.


Wow you did it, well done! And you make it sound so easy :D I think you're right about it being a mental challenge, I've never given up during a run yet so I won't plan on starting now. I think having Laura in your ear telling you to keep going helps a lot.

How are you feeling now, are your muscles hurting much? Just thinking ahead because I'm going hill walking on Sunday (am I insane???).


I have itchy legs, not itchy scratchy but want to go and do something else. I've found my legs and knees have improved loads over the weeks and really by my rest day, I am keen to do something else. Which is good with trying to entertain a 3 year old!

Really if you haven't been beaten yet then you won't be tomorrow. I think one of your problems is you ran at a different time.

I run early in the morning, before breakfast and I forgot to have a drink before I went out, but that still didn't stop me.


That's great that you feel like doing more, I'm not quite at that stage yet. I'd like to incorporate some other exercise on rest days maybe swimming.

Went out for my run this morning and it went well, phew! I thought I'd never manage the 2nd 8min run but after a few mins I just got into it and it didn't even feel hard anymore! Still not exactly looking forward to the 20mins on Saturday but have more faith that I can do it.


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