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I managed week 5!

I finally did it! Here comes the happy "I did it!"-post I intended to write after the last run.

I went out after for a few seconds debating staying at home in bed and knit. I felt a bit tired but remembered that those runs were the really good ones in the past and tried to imagine how happy I'd feel having been outside even for a few minutes. I did the full 20 minutes today and 1,5 minutes or so more. I changed a few factors:

- I slowed down from the start (which probably was the biggest factor to managing the 21 minutes. I had no speed ups and downs during the run)

- I wore my newly aquired shorts and running top (so light and breezy! <3)

- I changed the route (or rediscovered the one from my very first run)

- I ran with Laura again

- I didn't pay attention to anything (No, I didn't mean the traffic! I mean not listening to the music, not concentrating on my breathing or steps, just let everything "flow" if that makes sense. Let my mind wander and stuff.)

I covered 4,1 km and it didn't felt like that much work!

It was a good run and now on to Week 6!

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Well done you have overcome in my opinion one of the hardest challenges of the whole course.


Well done, I also completed this run tonight and am all chuffed too


Well done SuZi and Lane. I'll be onto week 5 next week, so I'll be using your successes as inspiration!


Well done, both if you; it's a real breakthrough to do the 20 minutes and I am in awe that you did extra. There's no way I could have managed another minute


To be fair I've done it once already. I was on week 9 but couldn't manage the 30 minutes repeatedly, so I decided to jump back to week 5 and start again from there. So the 20 minutes really were more a mental thing than a fitness thing for me.


Inspirational, thank you all! I'm starting week 5 this week and despite feelings of apprehension I'm on track, thanks to the podcasts and reading this forum. Helps to hear others feel the same and get out there and have a go!


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