Week 7, Run 3

Well, it wasn't my best run. For the first time this week I didn't finish with a "sprint" (well it feels like it :-) ) in the last minute, though I did speed up a little.

Luckily I've been listening to the advice to others on here and I'm going to put it down to a bad run and press on with the programme - might take 2 days rest though and do it at the weekend!

2 Replies

  • Your next run will feel better and yes as others have said you get a bad run at times, but wow your on w7 r3, amazing and next wk8 good luck and hope you enjoy it more.

  • You've got the right attitude. It was probably just a bad run. Congratulations on completing week 7. I always had two days rest between the end of one week and the beginning of the next. It worked really well. Hope the next run is a good one.

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