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Week 3 Done

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Completed the final run of week 3 today and really enjoyed it. Went out a bit later as it was really frosty this morning and I worry about Tia’s paws! Tia is all wrapped up in her winter coat

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Tia is very cute and smart in her coat ☺️

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Lovely little cute dog, well done on completing week 3 of C25K, onwards and upwards to week 4

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I didn't make it out first thing today either - the snooze gremlins got the better of me I'm afraid.

Well done! Sounds like run3 was better for you than run2. Week 4 - bring it on!

Tia is so cute!

Woohoo....go you phdgranny! I did my w4r1 yesterday :)

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PhdgrannyGraduate in reply to Me_time

Well done you, how was it?

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Me_time in reply to Phdgranny

Not too bad, but I did it on a flat path in a park. Didnt realise the running part was more than walking until Laura said it at the end.

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Aww, such a lovely dog and a nice running companion! Well done, you're on your way!

I'm a granny too! Just finished week 3 for the second time due to a bad fall in the summer when I'd managed to get to 6k 3 times a week. Maybe I was a bit too ambitious and that could have been a factor in my falling. What did you do your PhD in? I'm halfway through an OU degree in Psychology.

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PhdgrannyGraduate in reply to gobojo

Criminology, I teach it at the OU

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