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Week 7 run 3!

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When I started this week I was so pleased because I really enjoyed the 25 minute run, when I first started I could even run for 1 minute without feeling like I was going to drop dead! But then the two other runs I found abit more difficult? I persevered but my legs felt so heavy as anyone els experienced this and if so any advice?

Also I get my self in a fluster over my breathing? Like I’m not doing it right and I sound really loud?

Help! 😂

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Did this run yesterday and like you found the first one much easier but like you despite struggling a bit I finished it - chalk it off and let’s head into Week 8 I say

I’m not there yet. But if my week 6 experience is anything to go by I’m going to really dial back the pace as the week goes on.

I found W7 R 2&3 uncomfortable and didn't really enjoy them but not feeling 100% too. Hope W8 is better. Have to say I struggle with my legs more than my lungs.

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I’m hoping it eases off because to be fair the plan seems to work I’m just hoping it eases off 😂

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Making sure you're well hydrated should help your legs, and slowing down a bit will help with the breathing.

Have fun in week 8!!

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It’s a week where you go up to all just running... so while consolidating, it’s a tough week. Well done getting through it.

Hydration is my first suspect for heavy legs, but maybe it’s just tiredness... consider an extra rest day either now or during the week 8 if you’re still feeling the same. You’ve done the hard work on a magical but tough plan, enjoy the runs, rest if you feel the need and close this plan out.

I ran my 2nd run on wk 7 tonight & managed them both fine. Breathing has been good since week 2 onwards, no pains either but I’ve noticed a wee ace round my knees but nothing major, looking forward in the last of wk7 runs on Saturday 🏃‍♀️

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