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Hello! What's your running pace?

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Hello thank you for letting me join. I've had a mixed bag with running. Goal is to get healthy. Started running with husband who was already a lot fitter than me by the nature of his work. (He is a builder, I work in an office) Because he is so much faster than me we can't run together anymore and I feel really self conscious of how much slower I am! My average running pace is between 7.00 and 8.00/km. What are other people s?

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Hello, welcome to the program and the forum !What week are you on ?

And have you read the program guide ?


As far as pace is concerned , don't even worry about it , and certainly do not compare your pace with someone else's !

Just following this program is a great way to improve your strength, stamina and overall fitness, and the best way to do that is slowly!

You can't rush getting fit !

Time spent running is more beneficial than trying to run too fast .

Just read the guide , stay hydrated , do the after run stretches and enjoy the program .

Slow and steady is your friend 😁👍

Thanks I am on wk6 run 2 which I am returning to after attempting and failing wk 6 run 3. I've repeated runs a few times until I felt ready to move on. Thanks I will read the guide

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Welcome to the forum.

The best pace for you.......and your husband.....to develop stamina and endurance is one at which you can speak aloud clear ungasping sentences as you run........if you cannot, you are going too fast. Forget numbers...........faster is not better at this stage.

We have runners from their teens to their eighties on this forum, some very fit, some not, some with serious medical conditions and others seriously overweight....... ..so who are you asking?

Your pace is fine.........if you can hold a conversation as you run.

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I know why you’re asking and completely understand it. I was keen to keep the numbers at the fore front of my C25K training too. BUT simply put, don’t waste your time on it. As others have said, and no doubt will say, you should forget the numbers and focus on going slow and easy, and at what we call a conversational pace. You have to build your aerobic strength first. Speed is a byproduct of a strong aerobic base. That will come in time. Good luck 👍

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"Comparison is the thief of joy."

Your running pace is good. We can't all be gazelles. We also improve over time as we get stronger with more miles under our legs.

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Emloured in reply to nowster

Very true. I definitely compare myself to others. Will just try to focus on my own journey

Last year I was doing the Ironman VR Sprint & Olympic distances and of course had to check my rating after each one. Finding myself constantly near the back end was extremely demoralising and I stopped taking part because I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. I'm now trying to just worry about my own pace. Once I can comfortably run for 30min I will concentrate on speeding up. It's not easy especially when you know others are faster - but it's better to keep going slowly than give up because you think you're not fast enough. Good Luck! 🏃🏻‍♀️

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It’s not about the numbers, I know, but to reassure you, my pace is also usually between 7 and 8.5. I tried to go faster once and hated the run from start to finish. I’ve been a graduate for 6 months and have never really got any faster, which is fine. Go your speed, it’s not a competition.

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Lily888

If you want to get faster read this FAQ Post healthunlocked.com/couchto5... and you will see why we constantly tell people to slow down but also see a process that you can apply if you wish to.

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Lily888Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks, I have nothing but praise for this forum and for you and the other administrators - you really do read everything! I have read this FAQ post several times, and have tried both Laura and NRC to speed up. But my real issue is that my heart rate regularly goes to 190 even on my lovely slow runs. I am nearly 60, so that is 119% of my MHR! Now obviously I am still alive, so it is not really a maximum. But I think that is why I am uncomfortable as soon as I go faster. I have considered seeing a doctor, but I've read the post on that too, and don't want to be taken to exhaustion, that doesn't sound fun. My resting heart rate is 55, and my HR does come down quickly after I stop running, so I am sticking with my current speed. But thank you for your suggestion, it is much appreciated, and if I get bored, I will give speed another try!

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Maybe try to find your pace that you can comfortably run and complete the session ( and be happy!) without looking at the numbers? And once you have found that consistently ...then you can look! Others have said it, but perhaps try to be comfortable in your own body. Completing the runs is the first achievement , then as you consolidate you will probably just find you naturally get a bit faster. It will probably depend on the day too. Good luck.

I'd say to enjoy running by yourself. Feeling pressure to go faster than you're comfortable with will make you not enjoy it, and then not run at all. I'd love to be fit enough to run a 5k in a super speedy time, but it's not going to happen. But after detesting running when I was younger, slowing the runs down has allowed me to start enjoying them, and I'm gradually getting enough fitness that I can start pushing to go a bit faster for short periods. For what it's worth my average pace is also between 7 and 8 km/h, and I've recently reached 10k - I think that stamina is more my thing than speed! But remember that your pace will also vary according to the terrain - hilly routes and uneven ground slows you down.

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There is a wonderful point where Speed, Endurance and Distance all come together beautifully and you feel like you have wings on your feet :)Doesn't happen often for me, but when it does it's magical :)

I can run faster that that.

I can run for a longer time than that.

I can run a longer distance than that.

But - its never as much fun as running in or around that optimal time, speed and distance combination :)

It's different for everyone - ask an Olympic Sprinter to run a Marathon and they won't be as proficient, and vice versa :)

Yes, it would be nice to be a top tier Runner - or possibly not. I used to be genuinely great in one sport, and among the best in another but looking back now I realise I didn't keep them up because they involved a lot of "work" and also it got a bit boring. It's not a lot of fun going into something knowing you "should" be in the winners circle.

Every darn run I go on is an adventure because I am not a "good runner" - anything can happen which adds to the enjoyment and interest and my only "competitor" is me and I try to always make it a feiendly competition :)

Find the joy in running and you will enjoy running. :)

Wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

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Some great answers here - and I agree that pace is just not to be worried about! I’m constantly being overtaken by other folk, but the way I see it is I’m only competing with myself, so if I can improve a bit here and there, that’s great, but if not, it doesn’t matter. Also I reckon the longer it takes, the more you’re on your legs and feet, so that must be good for stamina! That’s my take on it anyway 🤣. You’re doing brilliantly Emloured, well done 👏🏼.

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At the moment I am recovering from a bug (not Covid) after first getting injured (ggrrr) so any pace would be great. I am slow so anything under 9min per km over 5K is great. My aim was to go under 40 minutes. Now it is a sub 90 minute 10k which is more achievable. But first to get better and start running again next week which will make it a 2 week break. Be glad you're healthy and running.

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