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What's your running style and have you changed it?


The nice man who analysed my gait says I have high cadence (which means I take lots of steps, I think) and when my husband saw me run today he says I take tiny steps and it looks like a lot of effort! I also strike on my forefoot rather than my heel - it feels more natural. I'm wondering if running mini-steps is slowing me down (just done W9R2 and only making about 4k). How do you all run and have you consciously changed your running style at any point - also how much is speed due to technique?

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I don't lift my knees much so do take smaller steps, I would like to take longer strides, but when I try it I do seem to tire quicker. I have also read warnings about being careful not to over-stride to it is a confusing one!

They were commenting on the ladies marathon that not lifting your knees and 'shuffling' was a better style than for those who run on the track - so at that it depends what distance you are training for as to what style you run with.

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Not lifting my knees and shuffling probably sums up my 'technique' nicely. Does this mean I have to train for a marathon after c25k?! :-O

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I've tried longer strides too, and it's exhausted me immediately - maybe we are natural marathon runners :-)


Lots of people aspire to that high cadence forefoot running style. Lookup barefoot running.

I would go with it absolutely no need to change, intact many change to that style. Supposedly much better for you as it uses your bodies natural suspension much better and reduces impact related injury.

I should just look on smugly at all the heel strikers and their shin injuries ;-)

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Thanks for this Greg - I was feeling a bit self-conscious about it but will now use my high cadence style with pride! :-)

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Yes, be grateful - other people spend ages trying to learn to run your way! ;-)

I am one of those who started running with a heel strike, but had problems with shin pains. I've found that a shorter stride helped me no end. I have been trying this week to have a quicker pace with a short stride, while leaning very slightly forward so that gravity helps me and it feels so much better! Less impact, less pain, and less tiring. :-)

It's a lot to remember, but I have found that with my tiny steps I am slightly faster overall probably because I don't get so tired. Stick with your high cadence. As Greg says, lots of people do aspire to it! ;-)

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