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Started Week 6......and first run outdoors

I've just finished Week6 Run1. Up to now I've been doing all my runs on a treadmill in the various hotels I stay in with work. This week however, I'm working from home and decided to run outdoors.

I have to say it felt fabulous. I got up and left the house at 7.00am and managed the whole run. It's clearly harder outdoors, I live in the country and am surrounded by gentle hills. says the route was 4.8km so I feel very pleased with myself. Given I was out of breath doing Week1 just a few weeks ago this feels like I'm making a lot of progress. Am now convinced I'll see this through to the end.........

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Yay! I love running outdoors - think of what you could save on gym membership too, ooh and that summer tan we're going to get....


Running outdoors is great especially when you have nice surroundings :) I hope you keep it up, I'm sure you could even run outdoors when you are away from home, change of scene! Also well done on your progress, I know it seems mad when you think back to week 1.


Week 6 and nearly 5K already, that's a great pace!

I do believe we have a new hope for the sprint events in the C25K olympics 8-)


I've just finished week 6 (start w7 tomorrow morning) and i'm nowhere near envious! I'm lucky if I get near to 4k! 30 minutes and 5k are a goal but not sure will get there by end of w9...something to aim for

It's great isn't that you can mix it up if you need to- indoors / outdoors it doesn't really matter as long as you do it. I did part of w2 in a hotel gym when i was away for work. Have to say I find it easier outside from a motiviation perspective and not the hills!


That's great, good distance. I'm totally envious, I've done all 9 weeks and have yet to reach 5km. I'll be working on that over the next few weeks though.


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