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Week 5 Run 3 done


Hi all,

Back from the famous Week 5 Run 3 and so happy to say I did it and it felt great!

Not only that but I got interrupted in my first attempt and took it from the top to make sure all 20 mins were done in one go today. (who is this determined person?)

I slowed down by half a km of my usual pace and went back up slightly as I got into the run - the feeling once you are in a rhythm and know you are going to be able to do it is amazing. Feels powerful.

Also I have added a few lunges and knee ups to my warm up routine and can say that for all of week 5 I have had no pain at all which feels like some cheat code. I did get some leg and shin pain in the first couple weeks. But nothing at all now which is amazing.

Anyway thanks to this group - for being so kind and sharing your stories. It helped me complete this run today. If you are facing this run soon, remember the programme has prepared you, slow down a little to start and think positive. Then just enjoy it.

Now I am going to purchase some new fitness gear as a treat!


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Well done! Go treat yourself 😆

Kamela18 in reply to TwiggyL

Thank you! the treat was a good motivator 😁


Glad you enjoyed the "the famous week 5 run 3 run" most people call that infamous, dreadful or are terrified of it, but once they run it they are very proud of themselves as you are.

Congratulations on completing it, onwards and upwards to week 6 run 1 but be careful about that run as it catches out some people with the interval walks and runs after the non stop 20 minutes of W5R3 which you have just ran 🏃🏾.

Kamela18 in reply to AlMorr

Thanks Alan! Ha, I actually wrote infamous before deleting it - as I am taking on board the advice from IannodaTruffe to think positive about that run.

Thanks for the advice about Week 6 - weirdly the long run is now what I am looking forward to. But will be sure to stick with the programme to the end as it's got me this far.

Extremely well done you. Treats galore!!

That's great, now go and treat yourself.

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