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OK, I will be criticised and moaned at, and I can understand that, but the rewards have paid out so much more than any pain.

Yesterday morning I went on my run - nothing spectacular, just a repeat of W2R1 instead of moving on. I didn't do W3R1 for a very good reason - my wife. She has been feeling a little bit self aware of her increased weight over lockdown, and she was wanting to start running, but not where I go, or when I do. Too many people later in the day, and she didn't want to go early in the day either, so we decided to do open-moorland running yesterday PM for her W1R1. It was SPECTACULAR! Exceptionally wet and sticky underfoot with so many possible ankle twisters and places to fall, but neither of us did. She got back to the car positively zinging, as did I. Izzie dog loved the yomp too, but she absolutely hates going back to the car after a walk, so our warm-down walk was at a snails pace.

No runs today, but tomorrow I may well move on to my W3R1 as I seem to have absolutely no aches or pains whatsoever, which is a major surprise and a huge bonus.

Yes, I WILL be careful and listen to this ancient bod, but so far - so good.

As for 'er indoors... well, she is up and about as normal with no aching legs. Maybe the secret is trail running?!!!!

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Excellent :D I've been out on the moor a couple of times, but with how strong the wind has been recently and how wet it has been underfoot has meant that I've retreated to somewhere less exposed for the last couple of runs! But it definitely makes the running more interesting - the constant need to dodge gorse, jump puddles and navigate around uneven ground means the running takes up all of your concentration so there's no time left for how tired you are! It's probably a good idea to start from early in the program too - I first went onto the moor on W5, and all of the stabilising muscles around my ankles certainly ached the next day even though I walk there all of the time.


Thanks. It was a spectacular afternoon - little wind, clear blue skies with the odd whispy cloud dotted around to make a patchwork of ever-moving shadows on the moor. It was only a short run, and I can see what you mean about stabilising muscles too. However as a decades standing hillwalker I have quite strong - albeit very slim and girly - ankles. My wife is most envious of them!!We will be back out there again tomorrow, just as long as the weather behaves. I will be out for W3R1 tomorrow morning come-what-may.

I cannot urge you enough to get back out as soon as conditions etc allow. It is so much more rewarding than paths and roads, even if they are rather scenic ones.

Take care and have a great running season.

I've found some fields alongside a river that seem to be pretty dry (it's all relative!), so I do at least get to look at the river and the countryside. I'll stick with that for a week or two and then reassess. Although I don't mind the wet feet that much, several runs in a row with wet feet has given me a massive blister on each foot so I'm keen to avoid it for a little while!

Good luck with getting the blisters healed! They are horrible things and make life so awkward. Have you tried something like Sealskinz socks? A strange fabric that would warrant an inner sock too, but they really do keep out the water.Enjoy the riverside and watch out for nesting birds and other aquatic wildlife. If you are really, really lucky you may see a kingfisher flying past.

There are kingfishers along this stretch, but they're pretty difficult to spot of course, especially with me stomping along! I use sealskins in my hiking boots but they're just too thick to fit in my running shoes. If I can either find some v thin equivalents I'll get them, otherwise it's waiting until I replace my shoes (not for a while as they're quite new) to go a half size up.

By which time it will be a long and dry Spring. Kingfishers are often heard well before they are seen. A long and rather shrill call made by the flying blue dart as it skims along the water's surface. Also, watch out for otters. They are slowly spreading and we have had confirmed sightings, and one photograph along our village river. The first sighting was by a Wildlife Trust spotter, and the second by a photographer chum of mine. Happy running and even happier spotting.It is now very dry here so I am hoping for dry feet tomorrow.


Do be careful - it’s easy to not know you’re doing too much until you’ve done it ;)

Other than that, moorland running sounds wonderful! I’m lucky to be on the countryside so lots of fields around here, but sadly having to stick to the roads for now as the fields are impossibly muddy. Fun for walking, but no chance of running there until they’re rather drier.

newbie-nick in reply to RainbowC

Thanks for the warning, and I will pay close attention to how my legs etc are feeling. If I find W3 too much with the second run added in, I will backpedal and go to W2 again, There is no shame in that - especially when one is knocking on in newbie running terms.I'm just delighted that I found running and that this site exists! How lovely are the people on here?

If I may paraphrase Tolkien: 'If more of us valued running and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world'.

I suppose if you keep repeating week 2 for a while your wife will catch up with you😀 as everyone says don’t overdo it, the injury couch gets pretty full at times and isn’t much fun

Thank you for your concern, but believe me when I say that I will take it very easy indeed. Any hint at anything being wrong and I will back-pedal or stop as needed. I used to run for my county [sprinting, jumping etc, but not distance] and I am all too familiar with how injuries can happen. In those far off days of the 16th century I was stupidly competitive, but now it is for fun and fitness. Injury is counter productive and to be avoided by me at all costs - particularly as it would impact on my work.My aim for somewhere to run later this year...

WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to newbie-nick

Ok, nagging over, 😀 that looks a beautiful place to run

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