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W9R2 - two down, one to go!


Well, my hospital treadmill stress test on Tuesday didn't seem to cause me to many problems so I went for the second run yesterday despite coming up with all sorts of reasons why it wouldn't be a good idea including detecting a possible knee strain which turned out to be absolutely nothing! In fact, I found it one of the easier runs of the last couple of weeks. I must be going brain-dead...

So, tomorrow it is. I don't quite believe that I'm looking at the final C25K run!!! Looks like it's going to be a cold one though! Lots of warming up needed. Wish me luck although I hope I won't need it!

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Ooooooh exciting! So glad the stress test went okay and you're all set for graduation. Good luck for tomorrow (even though you won't need it). I'm off to get the glasses and party poppers. See you at the podium☺☺☺

Great stuff! Good luck for tomorrow!!


well done! all the best for the next runs! but can I ask, why did you have a hospital treadmill stress test?

TractormanGraduate in reply to davelinks

I had a partial blackout last October and they've been trying to find out what caused it ever since. I've had Ultrasound, X rays, CT Brain Scan (came back blank as you'd expect) 24 hour Cardio-track and the stress test was the latest. There's only one thing left they can do now - an adenosine challenge. This is a jolly jape where they stop your heart to see what happens. Really looking forward to that one but as my Cardiologist quite rightly said with a smile, "we're only postponing the inevitable!" How we laughed!

As they've revoked my driving license and I can't work, I started doing the NHS podcasts which led me to C25K and the rest is history... Every cloud has a silver lining eh?

Bet you wish you hadn't asked! :-)

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Tractorman

Oh my... that is really horrid for you...

Your sense of humour is obviously a great asset, but really, what a determined person you are.

I am full of admiration for you ! Folks like you make me feel a right wimp when I winge on about my aches and pains.

I hope everything or something gets sorted soon...and the best of luck for that run!

Are you allowed a small glass of bubbly with us ? xxxxx

The welcoming party awaits! McFitty has it all in hand :)

TractormanGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

"Are you allowed a small glass of bubbly with us ?"

Absolutely NOT! It has to be a LARGE glass!!! :-):-):-)

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Tractorman

A man after my own heart..the Pol Roget is ready for chilling xx

davelinksGraduate in reply to Tractorman

You've done amazingly well? Onwards & upwards!


Bet you never thought you'd be at this stage! That's great. :)


Well done - no need for good luck as you know you can do it!! Enjoy your graduation run! Let us know so we can celebrate with you! :)


Good luck for tomorrow..keep it slow and keep it steady.. the Graduation Party awaits!!! :)

Soooo exciting! Enjoy that feeling when you finish. If we could bottle it we'd make a fortune 🤗

Good luck tomorrow Tractorman 😊

Enjoy your graduation run..xx

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