Started two weeks ago and week one is still a slog

Hi there!

I am new here. I have done week 1 twice and although I managed it both times, I am always out of breath and can't wait for the walking parts. I am going to attempt week 2 on Friday, but I am dreading it. However, if I know I have to run for a longer time I might psych myself up for it. I suppose it's like when you are desperate for a wee and the closer you get to the bathroom the worse the feeling gets. The closer I get to a minute of running the more tired I get, but if I know I have to run for a minute and a half I might manage it. We will see! I am living in the Cayman Islands too, which doesn't help because the humidity is high and the heat is terrible so I am running around a tennis court when it's dark. I will move to a running track once my runs become a bit longer. By the way who's Laura that everyone keeps thanking?


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  • Move onto week 2. I had a hard time with every week and never felt ready to progress, but always seemed to manage it. If you can complete the runs, no matter how hard, you can do the next run.

    Laura is the lovely lady on the podcast telling you when to run and walk. I guess there are other folks on the ap, but sweet Laura has been around for awhile and many of us have fond (and not so fond) memories of her encouragement.

  • Thanks for your reply. I don't listen to a pod cast, I have the 5k runner app so now I know. Yes I am going on to week 2, but I am not looking forward to it.

  • You'll be just fine. Just keep it slow.

  • We all fear things that we think we cannot do. You can do it the programme is designed that you can do it. Just trust in your ability and you will amaze yourself

  • Hi, Laura is the lady who narrates NHS c25k programme. I know how you feel, I was exactly the same when I started, it is hard but it does get easier. It took me 13 weeks to complete the programme which should have taken 9, but I only moved on when I felt ready. It does build your stamina even though you don't think so, stick at it, keep using this forum with the help and support and you will get through in no time. Good luck and enjoy yourself. 😎

  • Yes, when you do week 2 you will probably struggle at, say, 80 seconds, but 60 will seem much easier! Take it slowly, heat ans humidity make it harder on your body. Stick with the programme - it works!

  • I repeated weeks 1 and 2 before realising a lot of my struggle was speed - I was going faster than my body was ready for. I slowed from tortoise to snail pace and never looked back. Learn to listen to your body and you will be amazed what you can do. 😀

  • Can I suggest you slow down? One of the best bits of advice I read in the forum was to slow down and then slow down some more! It really helped me in the earlier weeks which I struggled with. Laura, the voice on the NHS podcast most of us used, describes the running sections as a very gentle slow jog. I'm sure at times my running pace was slower than my walking but who cares ? Stick with the programme, it really works and took me from someone who struggled to run for one minute to someone who chooses to get up at 530 and run 5k before work!

  • Slow down. My jog is not much faster than my walk. Good luck & keep at it.

  • If my experience is any use, I found slowing right down to a baby pace and tiny steps for most of the run then seeing if I could open up a bit at the end got me through some hard times. But just keep going.

    Congratulations on starting!

  • I know exactly how you feel. I really slowed down and started to think that I'd be able to do 5k at the end of the program, but it might take me 5 hours, I was running so slowly.

    Anyway I persevered.

    W6R1 yesterday morning - back to intervals. I was like a bloody whippet! Blimey, I ran further and much faster than ever!

    Keep the faith - you do progress!

  • Hiya, brilliant work, you've started this and kept at it.

    I think its amazing that you are running at all in high humidity and heat! You are going to feel breathless but don't let the negative thoughts get to you. Slow your running down, seriously, it was the best advice I got at the start. Talk it through with us here, we are all willing you to get into this and get to your goals. Have you found Laura yet?

  • Do find Laura on the podcasts rather than the app. It is it my taste in music but the beat is helpful. Try week 2 and everyone here is cheering you on and helping you push away the gremlins who say you can't do it. You can.

  • Well done for getting through the first week (twice!)! Especially as you're having to do it in such heat! The C25k programme really is amazing and completing it is one of the best decisions you'll ever make!

    As long as you complete each run section without walking you will be ready for the next one. It won't always feel like it but the programme will have prepared you! It's fine to repeat runs if you feel you need to for your confidence but I'd recommend giving the next run ago as you'll probably surprise yourself! The key is to go slowly. Really, really slowly. Even when you feel that you've slowed down a lot you should still consciously try to slow down a bit more. Take at least one rest day between each run (two if needed) and stretch properly. Listen to Laura and soon you'll be running for 30 minutes - yes you will! :)

    This forum is one of the best places on the internet. It's full of the most incredible, inspirational people you will ever meet! Post after every run and the comments and encouragement you receive will keep you motivated. We don't just run for ourselves here, we run for each other too! We have all started out just like you are about to so all know how it is. Post here for advice, encouragement and to let everyone celebrate your successes with you! We'll be with you every step of the way :)

  • Move on to the next week with confidence. It's always going to be hard but you are right that there is a big mental element to this.

    Cayman Islands - wow! I'm sure it's hot but I can't feel TOO sympathetic!

  • You're right not to feel too sympathetic, it's lovely. There's no place like home though. I actually miss the seasons ( not the rain), fish and chip and proper shops! But I can live with that for the time being.

  • Thanks everyone! I think I am going quite slow, I am certainly not running but jogging. I know I definitely go too fast to start with but that only lasts one run and then I change my pace really quickly. I will try and slow it down some more though. I am very unfit and hate exercise, but I like how this program is easy to follow and all I need to do is put some trainers on and step outside. I will let you know how week 2 day 1 goes tomorrow. My husband said he might join me, but saying it and doing it are two different things in this house! He also used the word "might" which is a disclaimer for when he doesn't. Ha ha! Thanks for the encouragement, I have to keep going now, I don't want to let the cheerleaders down!

  • Let us know how it goes!

  • What a fabulous place to live! Just slow run and it will help no end - a run isn't quite what you might imagine a run to be - just up your pace from a walk a little into a running motion. I seriously thought I might die in Week One 😂 from lack of oxygen and although that was lack of fitness it was also because I went way too fast. So slow it down and maybe take 2 days in between runs - the programme really does work and build you up slowly - trust in it and you will be fine - keep us posted 😀

  • To tell the truth, I really struggled with every single run in every single week. I never once thought, "hey, this is easy!" and quite often thought, "hey, I'm dying!"

    But, thankfully, I didn't have to repeat any and - honestly - if I can do it anyone can.

  • Like everyone else has said , just go slower! Even if you think you are slow, start off even slower, tell the gremlins that make you doubt yourself to F off and you will be fine! It is mind over matter sometimes and as soon as the gremlins learn you won't listen to them you will start to enjoy it, and be amazed at how quickly you progress, I found it easier after wk 3 and can now run over an hour without stopping, as can many of us who were where you are not so long ago!

  • Wow! Over an hour that's amazing. I will strive to be as good as you.

  • Hi - I'm new to this game and have just read your old post from four months ago and i just wondered how you were doin?

    did you keep at it? are you a 'runner' now?

    i'm on week one and just completed run two tonight - just wondered how it feels four months down the line?

    cheers x

  • Hi!

    Well I actually I hurt my knee on week 2 and it took so long to get better that I stopped running. I was so disappointed because I was actually enjoying it. BUT I started again last week (new year and all that) so I am doing week 1 day 3 today. I am going to repeat week 1 because I had too many days inbetween which won't help my stamina.

    Good luck with it! I am determined to get through it this time. I bought some new running trainers (very important) so hopefully my knee will hold up and I will get further than week 2!

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