Two for the price of one

So today's effort was all about heart rate, specifically, staying in the easy/aerobic zone. I intended to do a 5K but my legs were still complaining about last night's run (lazy things).

So I thought I would mix it up a bit and do an easy ~2.5K and then do a lazy ~2.5K walk back, stopping to take some photos and just soak in the glory of Bradgate Park and its beautiful and sometimes terrifying deers (the animal kind, not the old lady kind).

The run: and the walk back:

Astonished to see that there was only 21 calories between them - wow. All good though.

Some dodgy iPhone 5 with an amateur thumb photos can be found

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  • Wow, like the pics, you have a lovely place to go running :-)

  • Gorgeous pics well done :)

  • What a place to go running - beautiful :-) Glad you got out there again despite lazy legs.

  • Lazy legs or not... wow!

    Running Deer loved little yatesco ???? ( Are you even old enough to remember that song....????)

    Seriously, it is so great that you have found your feet again and the photographs are wonderful. I am so envious; what a beautiful place to run. I think, were I in that area, I might forego my run before 8 a.m rule to join you for an evening run.

    Thanks you for sharing:)

  • Nope, I am a mere lad of 41 :-).

  • A babe in arms then!!! Actually it was Running Bear.. but I used artistic licence! :)

  • Jealous of your location, that would be great to have at my front door! Instead I have the M1, so not quite as inspiring!

    It isn't the first time I've heard that a brisk walk is as good as a run. Depressing thought after all the effort we've made becoming runners...

  • I know! Still, much prefer running. I get bored VERY quickly, so walking just isn't my thing. Yeah OK, I can hear all the 'but your run isn't much quicker' - thanks :-).

    Leicester is a minefield of beauty spots: canals, parks, watermead, forests etc.

  • Ah it looks great and I'm so glad to learn your name, I was worried you just loved supermarkets, ya.....Tesco

  • Ha ha Slowstart that made me laugh ! Ya Tesco ! :-D :-D xxx

  • You do indeed run in a beautiful location. How's the daily running going ?

  • Yesterday was tough as my legs hadn't recovered, hence the walk. Today they are relatively fine and I think I could do an easy 5K but not any technical work.

    However, I have a rare opportunity to go on a date night with my wife so unless something horrendous happens I don't envisage doing any running :-).

    I am also at the office tomorrow and Friday so might not be able to get any more running in until this week.

    However, from a sample of two consecutive days followed by a non-running day I think it should be fine, as long as I build up slowly.

  • Have fun tonight ๐Ÿ˜€

  • A date night, Ah that is so romantic ......

    " Love is in the air " ......... :-) xxx

  • I love your running route!

  • I am going out this weekend to scout out some other areas (Watermead and Braunstone park specifically). I really don't like pounding roadside pavements and there are apparently miles of paths next to the River Soar and canals.

    Quite excited about it :-).

  • What a stunning place to run - you are so lucky Yatesco! The stats are really interesting too - not sure whether to feel happy or depressed that there's so little difference in calories between the 2...,Have a great night!

  • Thanks :-). I know what you mean about the calories, still, it all counts in the end.

  • Yep making me feel better about not running for 5 days - lots of walking though on hols in Killarney ๐Ÿ˜„

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