Monday night canicross

I ran all the way up the Hill of Doom for the second week in a row! I was slower this week (though not by much) as I was helping another runner by taking her dog for her, which meant I had to run behind her all the time, as her dog doesn't run along in front otherwise.

I didn't feel like I was melting by the end of the 5k either (not really got a firm handle, yet, on how many/few layers to wear in the current weather) so that was good :D


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  • Well done!!! this is the guide I used to figure out what to wear! Seemed to work ok, although I can't imagine ending up not sweaty at all... I was warm enough, not too hot, but still sweaty.

  • Coo, thanks!

    Though I do hope I never have to face a day cold enough that I need to wear a ski mask!

  • It's amazing isn't it, you think you just have it sussed, clothes wise and then the weather changes and you can't remember what you wore for that temperature that worked well before! I think I should create a spreadsheet of varying temperatures and weather conditions and what to wear accordingly! Then I could search on 6, 2, -2, -6 degrees and hey presto, I shall know what to wear! Happy running, very kind of you to help that other runner with their dog! 😀

  • Not helped by the fact that this particular run on the other side of the hills, at the foot of the hill instead of the top, and in woodland, so almost has its own microclimate *throws hands up in the air* :D

  • Now that does make it infinitesimally more tricky to calculate. 🤔 But that's part of the fun, isn't it! 😀

  • Remember that your spreadsheet will also need to factor in wind speeds though... :)

  • Bwahaha! I think Map my Fitness incudes weather info if you use the paid for app!

  • Well done for conquering the Hill!! I haven't tried anything other than a fairly flat route yet, but there are some around if/when I fancy that particular challenge!!

    It sounds good fun as well though! :)

  • I will admit to worrying that I wouldn't make it all in one go this week, even though I did it last week.

  • But you did! And anyway - there's nothing wrong with having a rest on a hill!! ;)

  • Temperature regulation is a strange thing. I went out the other night in shorts and long sleeve top and was getting a bit warm, my wife beside me had on winter tights, top, long sleeve outer top and a fleece and was saying it was a bit cold!

  • It is. And I am not a warm person, I have perpetually cold hands and am always in at least one more layer than anyone else I know. But somehow, I get really warm when I run.

  • Me too. Generally I go through life cold. I start running and end up boiling. Then afterwards I cool down so dramatically that only a hot bath will sort me again.

  • This!

  • I know I responded yesterday and all - but I just caught a glimpse of your "ran up the Hill of Doom," and was impressed all over again. Good on you!!

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