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Today was the first time I actually thought “I’m never ever going to complete c25k”

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Today’s run(S) were hard. I went out this morning, along my normal route and attempted w9r2... 10 minutes in a gave up. The woods is super muddy at the minute, making it incredibly slippy under foot. My head wasn’t in it, my legs felt like led again and I thought bloody hell, I really honestly don’t think I can do this.

I stopped in the middle of the woods and stretched off my legs. I knew if I didn’t try again today, it would be even harder to go at it again. I rang my boyfriend and told him I was going to be longer than usual and not to worry.

I changed my route up and started the 30 minutes again, I avoided the slippy woods as much as possible and braved running on the pavement, Ive been too embarrassed to run on the street , in front of people, no one needs to see my legs and tummy and jiggle.

I’m proud to say I did it. It was bloody hard and my legs are currently humming but I have one more run to go and I can finally say “I did it!!!”

I did 40 minutes today... who thought at the start I could do that? Not me!!

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Well done HattieCooke, you did very well to get out there and start again!🙂👍 It’s always sensible to run on a manageable surface when you can, but sometimes we don’t know what’s manageable until we get there!😟 Congratulations on how well you’ve done so far. You’re so nearly there now so keep going! We’ll all be rooting for you! 🙂

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Wow, that was a super pep talk/self motivation you gave yourself to start again and change something up. You can do anything!

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We're proud of you, Hattie. 👍👍

Just one run left.

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HattieCookeGraduate in reply to nowster

Thank you!!! I was certainly proud of myself after. Fingers crossed I manage number 3 ❤️

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You will be a runner before Christmas. Make sure you enjoy that feeling after the run as Christmas has been cancelled (at least here). Stick to the pavements for now - your running shoes will thank you!

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HattieCookeGraduate in reply to Rennur

Put it this way, my once white trainers are now grey 🙈🙈

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Well done Hattie 😬👍👏👏👏Next run is your graduation run , enjoy it you deserve it 😁👍

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Brilliant stuff HattieCooke! And by the way, never be embarrassed about how you look, or how you think you might look, when you're running. It doesn't matter - the important thing is that you're running! :)

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HattieCookeGraduate in reply to Cmoi

Thank you 🥰🥰🥰

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I don't think I could run on slippy mud so well done you!! I only run on pavements/roads. Don't ever worry about running in front of people. Be proud in the knowledge that you are out there achieving something amazing and that you have got off the couch x

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HattieCookeGraduate in reply to Maz1103

Thank you, I’m proud of myself, it’s been a bloody hard slog. I started in August. I am loving it though, jiggles and all x

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Well done you!! 👏👏 Deep respect for restarting👍👍 Take care

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Well done Hattie! There must have been something in the air today because I did W9R2 this morning as well, and for the first time in the whole programme I thought I was going to have to stop 10 mins in. I managed to push through but it was harder work than it's been since week 1.

The final hurdle is in both my and your sight - one more run and we'll both be home and dry! Planning mine for Tuesday and I hope you manage to get yours in in time for Christmas too!

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HattieCookeGraduate in reply to Mikew84

WELL DONE it’s an amazing feeling when you manage to finish a run especially when you feel like quitting half way through.

I’ll be going out Tuesday too, all being well. Make sure you post after so I can see how you get on :) x

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Mikew84Graduate in reply to HattieCooke

Hi Hattie, I did it! Hope you managed it too, with no repeat of your false start troubes!

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Well done you super ⭐️

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Well done on getting todays run done! Dont worry about people seeing you running, their probably thinking, blimey, i wish i could do that, keep going, one more run to go!!! 😀

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Well done HC, you do know that other people who are embarrassed to run outside will be reading your post and be inspired to give C25k a go , which is amazing. You’re such a determined character and you’ve done brilliantly, graduation is now in sight 🏅👀 stick with it HC you’re doing great and we are all behind you and looking forward to your graduation post 👍🏃‍♀️

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HattieCookeGraduate in reply to Couchphoenix

Oh I really hope so. If you’d have told me in January that I’d have got this far I would t have believed it. It’s definitely possible!! Xx

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You are a superstar, just one more to go. Avoid the mud next time. 🤪👍

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Another nice photo of you HC, perseverance pays off, well done on that run, I wish you luck for your graduation run, take it slow and steady 🏃🏾 👍

Really well done, that determination will get you to the end and a graduation on C25K no problem

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Well done 👏, I used to be embarrassed if people saw me jiggling around the streets and purposely avoided school run time in case I saw my neighbours. I still jiggle when I run but I draw myself up to my full 5'2 and smile .Not because I'm any good at this , but I'm still going 5 months later. Be loud, be proud x x x .

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HattieCookeGraduate in reply to jwillmac

I’m exactly the same!!! I will not go out on the school run time. 🙈🙈🙈 and my partner doesn’t like me running at night, he says it isn’t safe. So I only have a small window lol xx

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Excellent. Not only the ability to run but stamina and determination as well!

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Well done HattieCooke,

running on uneven surfaces is tough, it destabilises your core so you are exercising way more than on a smooth surface so kudos to you for getting this far running in the woods 👍

I stick to the pavements and look a real old sight in my running leggings but I'm doing this to improve my health and my fitness. If people don't like what they see then they don't have to look 🤣

All the best for your last run and your graduation as a C25K runner 😀

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Well done 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻My usual run route is also way too muddy at the moment so I’ve had to switch to the ‘dreadmill’. It’s hard on the legs dodging the mud and jumping the puddles 🥵

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HattieCookeGraduate in reply to Frizzbomb67

And my white trainers lol

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Well done. I'm thinking you found some true grit! Well done. Well done. This thing called running changes lives. On with your running career!!

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Well done you! No one notices the jiggles - all they see is someone doing what they probably envy!! Respect. Be proud and own your run.

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Jiggle what jiggle HattieCooke, run like you just don't care 🤗, those people they're green with envy and who knows you may even inspire them to get into their trainers 👍👍

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Well done Hattie!! I truly think there should be extra points for restarting the run and coming back again as it takes a lot to not too give up at that point! Great job Hattie, youve almost finished the program!

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Well done Hattie! I'm glad to hear you completed R2.

Sounds like it's worth having a think about where else you could run until the woods dry out. I'm not surprised you had difficulties trying to run in mud. That needs proper off-road shoes and it's tricky even with them.

Well done x .. I run in the dark .. Ha ha .. I'm on week 3 run 2 :)

Well done Hattie!

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Go you , well done 👍

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Well done you.There is no way that I could have done 10minutes, stopped restarted and then run 30 minutes at that stage. You are obviously well ready for w9r3.Now is the time to accept that you really are a runner.

Look forward to hearing about your graduation run very soon!

Go for it!!

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Brilliant work around and you did it yaaayyyy. I'll be at week 9 in a few weeks so I get it.

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