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That was tough. Maybe because it was a few degrees warmer than my last few runs. Bit slower than week 8 although maybe more undulations than my previous routes. Did most of the run in the woods as that's a bit cooler. Slightly unconventional running style when I got to the bit with the stinging nettles across the path but managed not to get stung. Don't think I will run that way again until a lot later in the year.

But I did it. The end is in sight. Looking forward to that graduate badge but will miss Laura.

11 Replies
RuthMargaret profile image

Wow - you aren't far from the end! Well done!

I'm on week 8, and I'm already planning to stay with Laura post-graduation. I downloaded the post-5k run podcasts, and I hope they'll push me on further after the big final run of the programme.

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Yes I think I will give those a go too. Good luck with your last few runs.

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Oh I know what you mean! I needed some darned shears on today's run! Nettles, brambles, hawthorn! This is on the side of the pavement too, not in the woods. Bah

Anyway, well done! Sounds like you have it all going on and have set co-ordinates for week 9! Ooooer it's very close now. You can almost reach out and touch that Graduate badge

It was hot and sticky out there today, so that does slow us up. Well it did me anyway.

Good luck for your final runs of the programme. Enjoy every moment!

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W9r1 in the heat should make the next two much easier, congratulations you are nearly there!

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Would love to have seen you trying to avoid the nettles 😀. Well done my friend you are nearly there 🏃‍♀️

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Hope you are still making progress.

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Nikkidoodle in reply to

I am w6r2 early doors tomorrow before work and before it heats up 🔥 lol

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Yes it is getting a bit warm for this running business again. Good luck and glad you are still making progress.

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Nikkidoodle in reply to

Hope it's a little cooler for your next run. Oh that should be week 7 run 2 for mebrain frazzled 😀

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You're nearly there then. I won't have a chance to run again till Saturday morning so I think that will be cooler again.

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Well done. This week will be great as you can see the end of the training but not the end of your running

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