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W2 R1


I DID IT! Wasn't easy, but I didn't give up, I slow jogged.. warmed up properly... aaaand the treadmill was on the 1st incline! So not flat!

Yay me!!

Lizzie xx

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Well done!

But... forget the incline Lizzie - simply not necessary at this stage and you're making life unnecessarily difficult for yourself . Take the easiest path- and drop the incline :-)

Little_lizzie in reply to John_W

Thank you.. I read that having even just the smallest incline is better making it a more natural feel... its only 0.5... neither here nor there... so I'll drop the incline

Lizzie x

John_WAmbassador in reply to Little_lizzie

I just think that with your struggles so far (and you're doing great right now btw!), you're best making life as simple and easy for yourself right now. You don't need added complications :-)


Well done Lizzy 🙂👍

That's great .

And would 100% agree with John_W

Loose the incline !

You will have plenty of time (and stamina) for that at a later date .

But congratulations 👏👏👏

Thank you, I will xx

Lizzie x

Well done you.

Not giving up is a good thing :-).

Even when it gets tough.

Keep up the good work


Thanks xxx

Brilliant Lizzie, well done! 🌟

Thank you!

So it's W2 R2 tomorrow.. I've been told that the 2nd run isn't as hard as the 1st.... we'll see!!

Thanks for all your support!

Lizzie x

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