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W6R3✅ Was it the Christmas Knickers?🤔


So this morning, much to my total astonishment I kept going for 25 minutes....this seemed inconceivable in W1. I hadn’t found R1 or R2 this week the easiest but managed, armed with all the great advice on here about the potential struggles of returning to intervals.

I don’t normally run at the weekend, usually taking 2 days off, but we were having 2 of my husband’s work colleagues for dinner this evening so I wanted to have one or two 🍷

I packed hubbie off to the driving range (he doesn’t know I’m doing this... in fact no-one knows except you lot!!!) so I knew I had a limited time to get it done.

It’s got much cooler here so I got my thicker leggings out and then to my horror realized I didn’t have any of my usual knickers 😲 (sorry, probably a bit too much info 😆....bit behind with the laundry 🙄 Anyway, we all understand the importance of being ‘comfortable’ when running or walking and I can’t bear having to adjust my underwear as I’m going along so there was nothing for it but to select the closest similar pair, which happened to be those that only usually make an appearance in December ğŸŽ„ I also have new running socks as my others were slipping down in my trainer so I thought I’d wear those too. I used a tighter hair band to stop those annoying bits of hair flying free and off I went (having warmed up first of course) accompanied by my fav. old dance tunes. After 5 minutes another 20 seemed a very long way off but plod on I did, slowing down as required up the inclines 🐌 I swatted away those pesky 👺 that kept trying to tell me I’d never make it. By the time Jo said with 60 seconds left, to give it a bit more welly, my new sock was rubbing my left instep much to my annoyance, but give it a bit more I did 💪

I was so thrilled to have completed 25 minutes non stop 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ but of course now have the dilemma of deciding whether I should wear my Christmas knickers for the rest of the runs... maybe they are now my lucky knickers ? 🤣 anyway it sure wasn’t down to the new expensive socks as I now have a blister on my instep 🙄 so hope that’ll be better for the start of W7.

Although Jo told me I’m now a runner I really don’t feel like one, although I do feel very proud of myself for what I’m achieving run by run.

Thank you for everyone’s fantastic support and encouragement 😊 and good luck to all running this week 💕

P.S. I can’t believe I’ve just written a post about knickers 😅 what is this programme doing to me?!!

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Congratulations! You are DEFINITELY a runner! And hooray for lucky Christmas pants! 😂

CazzaWGraduate in reply to BexJogs

Thank you 😊🏃‍♀️


Well done.

Great post, so uplifting.

I think the Christmas pants need to stay. No pressure on your laundry tho 🤣


CazzaWGraduate in reply to Jane_1961

Thanks 😊 yes I only have one pair so will need to be a quick turnaround.... I don’t mean I’m going to turn them around 😆

Jane_1961Graduate in reply to CazzaW



That's awesome! Well done!

Keep it up!

CazzaWGraduate in reply to Jericho2332

Thank you, will do my best!


CazzaW keep the pants and ditch the socks! What a pain... literally!! 😔

Well done, Woohoo 🙌🥳

I agree with Jo and you’re now a runner 🏃‍♀️

Well that’s set the bar for me 😜 I’d better get my running legs on 😁

CazzaWGraduate in reply to MinnieMoo55

Thank you 🙂

Yup, you’d better get out there so we’re both into W7 🏃‍♀️ hope you’re not too tired from your weekend renovations ğŸ¤ž

Good luck with the run 😊


Congrats you are now a runner! Keep the lucky pants lol

CazzaWGraduate in reply to Catho78

Thank you 😊 yup, think I will!


It’s so important to wear comfy underwear...I too have “run day” knickers 😬

Socks...what a pain...I wore “sports” socks with my old trainers on yesterday’s run, but they just weren’t as comfy. How annoying to get a blister though 🤨

I’m just off for a recovery day walk...breaking in new trail shoes...haven’t picked the socks yet though 😂

Mr Lottie doesn’t know what I’m up to either, but I have shared with son and daughter (both run regularly) so 🤷🏻‍♀️

We really are runners though...it’s all a bit unreal isn’t it!

Onwards to Week 7...all long runs now...go us!


CazzaWGraduate in reply to LottieMW

Yes, I’ll be doing my rest day walk in a bit too, think I’ll plaster up the blister and see what it feels like ğŸ¤ž

I think my hubbie might suspect something as I’ve started taking more of an interest in his running than before and even suggested maybe he should do a brisk 5 min walk to warm up his knees before he starts running 🤣 what’s more he paid attention and did it 😆 I can’t wait until I’ve graduated and am then going to suggest we go for a gentle jog together for 30 minutes....he’ll be gobsmacked I think, but so proud of me 😊

Good luck with your next run, onwards and upwards 💪🏃‍♀️🐌🏃‍♀️we can do this 😃

LottieMWGraduate in reply to CazzaW

Hope your walk went ok, and the blister didn’t play up!

CazzaWGraduate in reply to LottieMW

It wasn’t too bad at all thank you, hopefully will have dried out by tomorrow. I’m so stupid 🙄 I had the new socks on the wrong feet 🦶so it was self inflicted 😂

Ruby68Graduate in reply to CazzaW

That’s heartwarming and encouraging. He’ll be so happy and so will you!


Well done ! I would definitely make them your lucky pants now !! Knickers really are a problem I never find and comfortable when running ... I even tried commando and that was just weird 😂😂😂

CazzaWGraduate in reply to mezziejay

Thanks 😊 haven’t tried commando yet, can imagine it must have felt weird 😅😅

mezziejayGraduate in reply to CazzaW

I thought everyone could see 😂😂😂

CazzaWGraduate in reply to mezziejay

That’s made me laugh so much 🤣🤣🤣🤣

acountrycabbageGraduate in reply to mezziejay


acountrycabbageGraduate in reply to CazzaW

Why go commando when you’ve got Christmas?! 😄

acountrycabbageGraduate in reply to mezziejay

I think it depends on your gear.. I’ve got shorts that have pants built in and I had to google if I was still supposed to wear other underwear as well! You do not. And I find it super comfortable. Not sure I’ll stick with commando when the winter tights go on though..! 🥴👀❄️😂


Winter drawers on! 🤣

CazzaWGraduate in reply to nowster

Definitely 👍😂

Lol - I’d wear those knickers every time as definitely are your lucky pants 👍

CazzaWGraduate in reply to carolinestanford

Yes, think I will, it seems to be the consensus 😂

Thanks for posting CazzaW and well done on the run.

I'm a few weeks behind you but reading posts like these is very motivating.

Now go and rest this blister

CazzaWGraduate in reply to StoneDragon

Thank you 😊 I’ve found all the posts, advice and support on here so important, especially from those ahead of me who have been through it, so am glad it’s motivating you too.

Good luck with the rest of your runs, keep going 🏃‍♂️

Great stuff!

CazzaWGraduate in reply to 1Forrest1Gump

Thank you 😊

😂 I never thought I was superstitious but reading your post and thinking a bit more about what I do, when I do well on a certain route, I stick to it, when I do a good run, I do repeat the same clothing etc (including “lucky big girls knickers!!) as I don’t want to change anything

Well done you x

CazzaWGraduate in reply to Health2020

Thank you 😊 yes I find I definitely associate a good or bad run with time of day, weather, clothes, type of music, route etc then try to replicate if it’s a good one. But actually all those things really do make a difference, along with how I’m feeling physically and mentally. Will be sticking with the knickers though I think, hopefully through to graduation ğŸ˜‚ğŸƒâ€â™€ï¸ğŸ¤ž

Good luck with your running 😊

Hoorah for novelty underwear!ğŸŽ„âœ¨ Come on then, we have to know: Christmas trees? Rudolf? Penguins? What’s on them? 🤣

Congrats! Onto Week 7, Runner!✨🏃‍♀️

CazzaWGraduate in reply to acountrycabbage

Thanks CC, I knew there would be someone who would want to know what’s on them 😂😂😂 They’re FatFace ones and have little dogs wearing red ‘cracker’ hats, surrounded by little stars and strings of lights.... not typically traditional 🤣 but very comfortable 🩲 I can’t get FatFace stuff over here and as all visitors have been cancelled 😢 I might need to get my sister to post me a couple more pairs over.

Happy running 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

acountrycabbageGraduate in reply to CazzaW

Ha ha, there’s always one..! i.e., Me 😬

They sound amazing! Good ol’ FatFace 😍


Well done.

Once you've passed the psychological hurdle of W5R3 then in my opinion, nothing else in the program should be a problem.

Crack on!

CazzaWGraduate in reply to John_W

Thank you, that’s great to hear that from you and fills me with positivity 😃

I will 💪


K to you✅😀🧒 Congratulations on completing run 3 of week 6, you are now OFFICIALLY a RUNNER, onwards and upwards to week 7 which are all 3 /25 minute runs. 🏃🏾 👍

CazzaWGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Thanks Alan, it sounds so strange but exciting to be called a runner 😃

W7 here I come 💪

AlMorrGraduate in reply to CazzaW



Well done Cazza and great post 😂😂



Great post, did make me laugh, Christmas Knickers 😂 you take celebrating the festive season to a new level !

Just like you, I told nobody I was doing C25k until much much later on, and I was actually pleasantly surprised at how supportive people were when they could see my enthusiasm, some actually inspired to have a go themselves. 2 of them have since graduated C25k and to celebrate the fact I bought them both a medal. Good luck with the rest of your journey, with or without the festive undies 👍

CazzaWGraduate in reply to Couchphoenix

Thank you 😊 glad I made you 😂

I’m going to tell family and friends, (oh and my husband 🤣) when I’ve graduated. I decided I really wanted to give this a go as I really needed something to focus on, as well as getting fitter, but was worried that everyone would be concerned for me that I might aggravate my back/neck so decided to keep quiet for now. Although I really miss not being able to share each run with someone in person, it’s been strangely empowering for me to know I can do this on my own. Of course, that’s the beauty of this fantastic forum where we’re all supporting each other and can share it all on here 😃


Love this post. Well done you! Keep going.


Congratulations CazzaW!!!

You have done brilliantly well.

This post and the comments here are hilarious!! Christmas pants 😂😂😂😂😂

Well done!!! What a fun read!

It has gotten much cooler here. It’s that weird period where can get real cold and can be very warm in the sun. It’s hard to know what to wear! I just ordered some warmer leggings. I’m still seeing some runners wearing shorts!

I also didn’t tell my husband I was doing this initially. But he started to notice the change of clothes and missing for 30 mins! He has since continually asks when am I going for my next run.

Good luck for the rest of the week 🙂

CazzaWGraduate in reply to Beginner416

Thank you 😊 Yes it’s been quite cold but as you say hot in the sun. It’s getting warmer again this week so I’m hoping to squeeze another trip or two over to the islands beaches before it turns too cold. We’re on the outskirts of Toronto, where are you?

Beginner416 in reply to CazzaW

Yeh this week is supposed to be fab! We are in Hamilton, I’ve only been in Canada for 2 years. I work downtown though. The plus side for me is no commute anymore due to covid!

CazzaWGraduate in reply to Beginner416

We arrived in March, 10 days before lockdown so not the best timing! We’re here for another 3 years with my husband’s job. I started this running lark 🤣 for something to focus on as well as getting fitter. I never thought I’d be able to complete it but having done W7R1 this morning I know I can, can’t believe I’m saying that! All our friends and family visits have been cancelled 😥 so it’s been great having this fab. little community on here to lose myself in.

Keep going and keep posting, you’re not that far behind me 😊

Oh so you are yet to experience winter here? 🙂

Thank you! It’s amazing you are on week 7!

Hi Cazzaw, don’t know if you can get the where you are, but over the years have used “Compeed” plasters and they have been a god send.

Walked Glasgow to Fort William in Scotland, about 100 miles, got blister on sole of foot on first day, used plaster and no problem for rest of walk.


CazzaWGraduate in reply to Petem56

Thank you for the top tip. I think I can get them from Amazon 👏

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