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Week 7 Run 2 - Earphone Trauma Again!


So, I’m 20 minutes into my run thinking ‘this is harder work than my last one and, boy, I’m getting very sweaty, I hope I can last...I’m sure I can last... Jo will be here very shortly...’ And then: ‘ding dong’ my Bluetooth earphones disconnect themselves from my phone...Gaaaahh!! And not only did they disconnect but they paused the C25K app as well, so my timing was now all over the place because I didn’t catch on it had done it for a bit as I was too concerned about the lack of music! 😡 😡

Now running is one of the few times when I cannot multi-task. I tried, but it was too much to run and fiddle with my phone and my earphones and try to keep a good pace, and not to fall off the treadmill (mainly that last one actually 😂)!

Thankfully, I had my 5 x 5 timer on and my last five minutes alarm went off so I knew I was at 25 minutes. But I was really craving Jo to tell me how well I’d done and I didn’t want to stop without her say so, so I thought I’d try to push on through until Jo shouted through my phone at everyone in the gym that my run was over. I think I ran for about 27-28 minutes in all when I gave in and started the warm down but Jo didn’t say stop for another few minutes.

So, I know I’ve done this run but I feel a little cheated because Jo didn’t tell me to stop when I had to stop! Sounds silly really 😳 (I hope this makes sense and isn’t the rant of an oxygen starved brain!! 😂😂)

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Never mind if Jo didn't get to say well done I'll say it instead so 'big well done'. :)

It's another one out of the way! :)

Not sure I could have carried on as I have enough arguments going on with myself whilst running as it is.

Hopefully your next run will be drama free! :O

TailChaserGraduate in reply to SuperMouse

Thanks Supermouse! It could be much worse 😅


Oh it's such a pain, I ended up playing the app to the world along with my music for half of one run too! 👍🤣🤣

Well done for hanging in there! Another one done 👊😁

TailChaserGraduate in reply to GoGo_JoJo

I may have to do that 😁


Aaaaagh!! I feel your pain TailChaser 😩 When my app crashed I was gutted that Sarah didn't say "Well done pet" (so endearing 🤗) and even more gutted when I realised that run will never be ticked off on the app *sobs* - unless I do it again 🤔 Nah! not that bothered 😂 Well done for keeping on keeping on! I'm taking a 2nd rest day for the 1st time 😱 heavy legs and pre-menstrual. Meh 😳

TailChaserGraduate in reply to Flaraflarkin

Yes, that’s one of the reasons I *had* to complete it!! There was no way my earphones would deprive me of that tick 😆

Horrible pre-menstrualness 😝I know what you mean. You’ll feel great after your extra rest I’m sure. I think they really help for these longer runs. All the best for tomorrow 👍🏃‍♀️👍🏃‍♀️


I have a fitbit and there is something very satisfying when it starts buzzing and the little firework display goes off on the screen to celebrate my 10,000 steps that day! The day my battery died and I had to put it on charge at 9,500 steps I felt very cheated!! So you are not alone in wanting that little bit of acknowledgement ;-)

TailChaserGraduate in reply to oldwheezer69

Oh no!! Don’t you just hate tech sometimes 🤔

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