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Rested up for 6 days after trouble with my foot which seems to be much better. Had a long day at work yesterday, sitting all day and woke up with back and hip ache so wasn’t feeling the love for running!

Anyway, picked myself up and decided to go cold turkey without MJ (big mistake), then kept checking my app to see if I’d nearly finished! I definitely need that person in my ear but I might try setting my running app to alert me as to when I’ve done .5K rather than every 1K 🤔

Still managed a full 30 mins but a bit slower, only achieving 4.21K today (couldn’t face continuing on to 5K) so a bit gutted but just glad I got back out there. I have to say, I do love running in the rain though! 😊

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That’s really good that you managed to do 30 mins in spite of not having the encouragement in your ear. I can understand how difficult it can be at times and haven’t been out myself this week yet due to it feeling harder recently so very well done 👍

Busylady1Graduate in reply to Killerblue

Thanks - you need to get out there, I really struggled after 6 days off! 😩

Well done for completing your 30 mins!

May I ask what the trouble was with your foot and also if you know what caused it?😊

Busylady1Graduate in reply to Mobiliseandmove

Thanks! Sure, I ran too far on an uneven pavement putting strain on the outside of my right foot. Never again, only flat surfaces for me! I struggle on grass too so maybe my ankles and feet are just not strong enough any more 🤔

Uneven surfaces definitely make for a more difficult run - putting more forces through those smaller muscles in the feet and around the ankles.

If you’d like me to, I could suggest some foot/ankle exercises to help mobilise those joints and strengthen them over time 😊

Busylady1Graduate in reply to Mobiliseandmove

Ok thanks 👍🏼

Apologies for the delay - here’s a range of exercises you can do to improve foot and ankle mobility & strength:


Hope some of these are useful!😊

Busylady1Graduate in reply to Mobiliseandmove

That’s really helpful, thank you! 😊

You’re most welcome!😊

Hi Busy Lady, what do you wear to run in the rain please? I don’t think my old white t shirt is going to be suitable! I do have a long sleeve black top but think I might get a bit hot in sleeves 🤷🏼‍♀️

Busylady1Graduate in reply to Tendance

I literally run in a primark t-shirt (always a dark colour so you can’t see through it if wet(!)) and cycling shorts. 😂😂😂 I add a cap as I find that helps in the sun and rain and psychologically makes you feel dry! Sorry, I’m not a big trend setter and find that rain jackets etc just make me sweat. 😊

Tendance in reply to Busylady1

Yes that is exactly what I was thinking, a rain mac would be really sweaty but I don’t want to look like a drowned rat in clingy clothes! I have a baseball cap, I will dig it out! Thanks

Busylady1Graduate in reply to Tendance

Good luck! 👍🏼


Please don't be too hard on yourself you got up and went out even when you didn't really feel like it AND getting over an injury!! Sounds like a lot of wins to me. Take it easy.

I'm doing two day rests and following then the NHS strength and flex podcasts inbetween.

Busylady1Graduate in reply to TallTeal2020

Thank you 😊 I look those up! 👍🏼

TallTeal2020Graduate in reply to Busylady1


Well done for going back out 😀


Well done for going out there. I had few extra days rest too ,it was much needed. Maybe try the podcasts that helped me run for 30 mins today.

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