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Week 9 run 1 done!


And I am starting to feel like a 'proper runner' again. I'll be sad when I don't have Sarah Millican to cheer me on, but very proud of myself to be on the final week and enjoying it. Going to treat myself to some new trainers after I finish run 3.

I think I may repeat week 9 next week while I figure out what to do next, probably find a 5k to 10k app to move on to. What have others done after graduating?

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Well done. Nearly time for the big celebration!

MarfwarblerGraduate in reply to RunningMigster

Thank you!


Get that champagne on ice 🍾

I graduated a week ago, currently I have one last consolidation run to do. I've done a lot of reading around and, at the moment, I don't think competitive challenge is for me. I just want to run for my own health and wellbeing. I'm going to spend the rest of the winter getting stronger and fitter, probably with a lot of slow running and a few parkruns. Come the spring, I'll re evaluated.

Good luck with your journey 👍

MarfwarblerGraduate in reply to Speedy60

Thanks! I like your suggestion to take winter into account


Fabulous achievement and enjoy getting new trainers with which to celebrate. After c25k there’s jujus magic 10 to take you to 10k. Another excellent plan that works! Get plenty of consolidation in first before being tempted to start. The consolidation should very much be regarded as continued progress. Enjoy your graduation.

MarfwarblerGraduate in reply to Dowat

Thanks good suggestions!


Great you're on wk9. After graduation for a few weeks run for 30 minutes 3x per week . Then it's up to you 1 longer run , 1 shorter faster run and maybe a 5k. One of my favourites is finding lots of new routes to run. Good luck 🤗

MarfwarblerGraduate in reply to Buddy34

Yes, good suggestions thank you!


The main thing is just to get your body used to running for 30 mins on a regular basis, continuing to build your stamina. Once you've done that for a few more weeks there's lot of options depending on what your own personal goals are 👍🏻😊

MarfwarblerGraduate in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Very sensible, thank you!

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