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✅ W6R3; Physical and Mental Benefits


So, I've just completed W6R3. But I cant stress how slooooooooooooowly I did it🐢 🐢 🐢 I'm not honestly even sure if I can count it as a run it was that slow, but, I DID run and I DID NOT stop, so I've done it... Week 7 Run 1 on it's way.

On another note - We got some desperately sad news today that a good family friend has died. I've been thinking for a while, but today has confirmed for me, running is so good for the mind, clearing the head and mental health generally isnt it? The benefits are not just physical.

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Well done and sorry to hear your sad news.

Well done for the run! It doesn’t matter how slowly you did it. It can’t be much slower than my pace 😄. As long as you are making the movements of running, then it counts.

I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your family friend. You are right that running helps with mental health, that’s why I started it, having had a complete breakdown. It’s helping me every time I run. Something to do with endorphins 😳Receiving encouragement from and giving it to my new ‘buddies’ on here has shown me that there IS a world out there for me to enjoy. It’s amazing what a difference it makes. I can see the physical differences, too! I’m definitely a lot fitter now then before I started 6 weeks ago.

Well done on completing w6r3!! Thatvis absolutely amazing!! I'll need your encouragement and advice this time, as I head out to do it!!

Sorry to hear your sad news. Running is great, I thinknit just takes you into another zone, where all you can think about is running! You escape the everyday worries and stresses for a while, feel the euphoria of having completed and then it helps you get through the days ahead. I wish I knew sooner, but guess it qasn't meant to be.

Congratulations 👏 👏 you are an official runner now 😊😊😊

Yes! Well done! However slow you go you’re still lapping everyone still on the couch!

Sorry to hear your news

I’m with you on the slow thing

I just want to know how slow I am compared to others! Am I 'slow-slow' or just 'slow'? Is there a too slow?!! 🐢

Apparently not - look up ‘slow running’ on you tube !


I’m so sorry to hear your sad news but so glad you have found solace in the programme. Absolutely-I think it’s as much about mental well-being as physical, I certainly appreciate the headspace.. and the endorphins aren’t bad either 😜

Life has its ups and downs but now you have progressed so far, running is always there for you - and that’s got to be a good thing. And as you know we’re all fans of the 🐢 and 🐌 here - it’s the way to win this particular race.

Brilliant!.... Been waiting for you to post!

Conquered week 6.... Snail or tortoise pace still count lovely lady!... I was there myself today! Snails are very on trend at the moment! Well done!

So sorry for your sad news - Life throws us blows sometimes doesn't it! You're so right!... running is an all round benefit health wise... contributes to our mental, emotional and physical well being...



So sorry to hear about your friend clr - but you’re quite right to say running will really help to keep your head straight. Well done on your week 7 run - don’t worry about your speed; I, too, am a super-slow runner and will probably never be anything else but as long as I’m running I’m happy! Keep going- you’ve got this!


Sorry to hear about your friend... thoughts and prayers will be with you and the family.

Your feet leave the ground at the same time... that’s a run! There is no too slow, there is a too fast. Keep going just the way you are.

Very good to read that this is giving you that headspace, we all need that even at the best of times.

You got this... keep running happy!

So sorry to hear your sad news about the loss of your friend. I'm with you on the psychological benefits of running. I was thinking this morning how running can bring a real sense of peace and clarity. And I don't think you can be too slow - go at your own pace and make this time for youself to do this how you want. All the best for week 7. Can you believe it. Only three more weeks to go. x


Well done for running. I am sorry to hear about your friend. You are so right. In fact I think the mental benefits initially out way the physical benefits. Take care.

So sorry for your loss - but totally agree with the mental benefits of running.... for that 25 mins or so, all I am thinking of is getting through the next 5 mins; wondering what song my ITunes shuffle will bring up next; will that elderly couple walking their pooch ahead of me actually reach the park gates before me (probably!!)....... :)


Well done you’re officially a runner 😁

Sorry to hear about your friend, my sincerest condolences 😞

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