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Week 8 run 1


Oh my gosh! I just got back from this run and I’m buzzing! One of my best runs and loved almost every minute of it! When michael said 5 mins left I was gobsmacked and wondered where the time had gone?! I did change my route and the weather was perfect for it

Just wanted to come on here and yell out loud that for the first time I felt like a proper runner!!! 🏃‍♀️

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Well done it feels so good when it all falls into place and yes you should be shouting about it- you are on 🔥

🏃🏽‍♀️💪🏻 delighted for you

Wk 8 woohooo not long to go now x

Brilliant!..... Love reading this!.... reinforces my faith!.. I did my 2nd run of W7 today ... ran like a bag of spanners!.. so disappointing after the run 1 which felt like a dream!

You are smashing it!.. :-)

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I definitely think things are aligned or they’re not. So I’m gonna remember this one for the next tough one. I played trance music this time and it suited my pace perfectly which really surprised me as it was actually quite slow!

That's what i said today - I will remember W7 run 1 but chalk run 2 down to a learn...


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I love that description! Bag of spanners is definitely my running style!

Mine too - or it's certainly a theme.. but I'm concentrating on graduating.. once I"m there will work on loosing the spanners one by one :-)

But hey ho.. we are all doing fab!.. so give yourself a pat on the back

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