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Well, well -W5R3


Storm came about 4am and 1st thought was not “are all the windows shut?” It was “oh no ... my run”. I spent yesterday evening reading words of inspiration from posts here and planned my playlist - 6 x 5 min songs that I enjoy takes some finding! Off I set at 6.30am and do you know what ? I actually did it. My face was the colour of a lobster and in truth probably most people could walk at my “run” speed but I don’t care ! I’m 61, 3st over weight and not run since my teens and I did it !

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Well done you 😍 I couldn’t sleep so did R2W5 so just behind you 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

61LadyGraduate in reply to ChickyNester333

Thank you - hope yours goes well too.


Well done

61LadyGraduate in reply to EThomas

Thanks for your encouragement


Well done to you. Just back from w7 r1 and found that hard as not much air around. Keep up the good work x

61LadyGraduate in reply to Sunnytom

Wow - W7 - Not even looked at week 6 yet - still basking in delight of completing W5! Next effort will be Monday.

SunnytomGraduate in reply to 61Lady

If I can get there so can you. Struggled through week 1 and nearly called for paramedics on week 4 but getting there.

Well done! Bad thunder and lightning here too which has scuppered my plan for my early morning run. I'll sit tight for a bit and maybe venture out when things have calmed down. Be proud of yourself today, you're doing great :-)

61LadyGraduate in reply to Jillybean0141

I was lucky the storm passed by 5.30am. Hope you manage to dodge the rain and get out today



61LadyGraduate in reply to SweatyHettie

Thank you so much - I’m really on a high

SweatyHettieGraduate in reply to 61Lady

Quite right too! 🥳


Fantastic!! Well done 👏👏👏... you must and should feel amazing ... you are now a runner 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Have look at the forum about W6 ... quite a lot of advice about this week after the 20 mins today ... I found it useful today after having done W6R1


Thanks for encouragement and also for the tip - I’ll do that


Well done you. I hope I can say I’ve completed that run on Sunday. W5r2 today. Really didn’t think I would be able to run for 8 minutes continuously but I’ve surprised myself... Run 3 seems a huge step up so I’m going to have to work hard on that positive mindset!!!

61LadyGraduate in reply to Sunglasses

I’ve been so apprehensive about it all week as going from 8 mins to 20 seemed unreasonable to me. I mean what happened 10 or 15 mins ? All the posts here seemed to say “trust the plan” so I did and it worked. It will work for you too - I know it. Good luck for Sunday


Congratulations and well done. I have this run tomorrow

61LadyGraduate in reply to Runner_P

Thank you - Hope it goes well for you tomorrow

Well done - I amazed myself this am too on the same run 😁👏👏👏

61LadyGraduate in reply to Needtoescapepo20

Fantastic - doesn’t it feel great ?

Needtoescapepo20Graduate in reply to 61Lady

It sure does 👍👏👏


You are amazing. Well done - onwards to week 6 - we can do this 🏃🏼‍♀️👍😊


First thing congratulations on breaking the psychological barrier that is week 5 run 3, I bet you have a massive grin all day long, I know I did the first time I completed that run, I completed it today on my 3rd run through and it still gives me a grin.

Secondly, who cares what speed you run at, you're running and that's all that matters.

Enjoy the rest of your day, rest up but be careful of week 6 run 1, it's back to intervals and they have been known to throw a few people.

61LadyGraduate in reply to LeeU

You’re quite right of course - I’m not really bothered about speed however at the rate I go it will take me about 45mins do 5k ! Need to build some stamina if I’m going to achieve that. Still in the smug zone about today. Thank you for the heads up about W6

LeeUGraduate in reply to 61Lady

My first 5k took me longer than 45 minutes, more like 47-48 so don't worry about 45.

Speed will come, just keep plodding along, slow and steady, it's the long slow runs that will build your stamina.

Keep running, keep smiling, you will do it.


Well, 61Lady...you did brilliant. Right with you (including age).

61LadyGraduate in reply to Nilsam

Yes we CAN do it - especially with all the support from others on this forum. So glad I found it

NilsamGraduate in reply to 61Lady

Me too. 🏃🏼‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️👩‍💻😎


Well done! I just did the same run this morning...wasn’t certain I’d get there

61LadyGraduate in reply to SJ60

Thanks and well done to you too - admire your stick at it attitude after problems of yesterday. I try to go out Monday, Wednesday, Friday so not sure I could have managed consecutive days ! Week 6 here we come

SJ60Graduate in reply to 61Lady

Bring it on! We can do this...though if anyone would like the excess 5stone I’m carrying they’re very welcome to it! 🥵

61LadyGraduate in reply to SJ60

Ha ha - believe me I think the same - it’s going to take a lot more effort from me in all sorts of ways to deal with weight problem ! I’m just doing one run at a time and I guess it’s going to be one pound at a time but ... actually I’m in a good mindset to really do it this time and I reckon you can too ! There’s a saying somewhere ... “whether you can or whether you can’t is entirely up to you”


What a fab post to read! Well done lady! Amazing achievement - I saw that as a real milestone in my journey and I’m thinking you feel similar! Super chuffed for you

Well done 👏👏👏👏

61LadyGraduate in reply to Tinytears60

I really thought it was going to be a step too far earlier in the week. I read one of your posts last night which I must say inspired me so thank you.

Tinytears60Graduate in reply to 61Lady

I couldn’t run the 60 seconds at week 1 so I wasn’t expecting a lot from myself but this programme is amazing!!!

Don’t know how... but I’m doing it!

And so are you... and you should feel super proud! 👏👏👏. I know what it takes and every run should be really celebrated 😀

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