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Consolidating - Week 13 of C25K - Run 2

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Having been very quiet and recently re-graduating I decided I’d just keep pootling along and take it nice and slowly. But today I did 6km and for someone who at the beginning of the year couldn’t actually walk without my hips hurting considerably, this feels like a major milestone. So to all those just starting, in the middle of C25K or approaching graduation, good luck and remember it doesn’t matter about timing or distance targets, it’s your own milestones and success that count the most.

I promised Mummycav I'd restart Retro Runners Playlists once I’d got back into the swing of things. Once I’ve done Week 13 Run 3, that’s pretty much 3 months of running, which seems more of a habit again, so I will get my thinking cap on for a playlist theme next week.

UnfitNoMore and AlMorr probably you’ll have some thoughts for me!

I’ve kicked off my running blog again to keep me on the straight and narrow and you can find me at if you’re interested.

Take care everyone and happy running

Lavender in Lockdown - from the City of London - a small piece of beauty

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I remember I was looking forward to a classic album tracks one... and my choice wouldn’t be metal, punk, industrial, offensive, or expected 🤣

Nice to see you back over 5k again. Happy running.

Classic album tracks - okay I’ll let you know!

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That's brilliant, Jan. Are you back home now, judging by the photograph?

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Jancanrun in reply to sheps

London - but going back to Bella Italia on Wednesday that’s if Mr Macron removes quarantine today hopefully!! How you doing?

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shepsGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

I'm doing very well, thanks, but missing Italy hugely. And I don't even have the tug of a home there. I ache for it. Ridiculous, I know. I have people here but miss a place - how selfish is that when people are missing their loved ones? I'm so sorry but just being honest.

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Jancanrun in reply to sheps

No need to be sorry on my account. We each miss our own things and have differing priorities to others. We are thinking of moving there as our permanent home. London in lockdown has shown the very best and the very worst of folk. But the Brexit decision means it’s not worth us keeping our home there, as we can’t leave cherries, vines and olives for three months at a stretch which is what the Schengen rules mean for us. So we either become Italian residents or sell there, and there’s much more of my heart in our Italian home than our London flat, which just for good measure has similar cladding to Grenfell. Downside is that London is unsellable for the time being, so it’s one of those awful dilemmas. Live in Italy and pay horrendous taxes there, whilst having to pay very high service charges on a flat that we can neither rent out nor sell...

Still as Monty Python said ‘always look on the bright side’ and Italy is getting back to normal now, our friends send us pictures of them in bars and restaurants and at the beach - that kind of life seems a million miles away.

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shepsGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

I'm sorry about your hard choices but will sort of envy you living in Itay though I know that is not always an enviable thing. It's not all good wine, food and architectural beauty.

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Jancanrun in reply to sheps

True enough, but hey I have choices some folks don’t and I do hope you manage to get back to Italy soon...X

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Nice that you are back running Jancanrun, I see that you are thinking of starting another playlist, UNM loves heavy metal music, you could have a heavy metal music playlist, however, I wouldn't be listening to that while running.

My suggestion for a new playlist for older runners could be a decade theme, music from the 60's, 70's, or 80's playlist might go down well.

Well done Jan, a fantastic milestone.

Thanks BTP - one that I thought I’d never be able to do again, so it’s happy days... :)

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