Manky running toe, what to do?

Manky running toe, what to do?

Ok so my 7 year old stamped on my right big toe a couple of weeks ago (she has anger issues etc) and broke the nail on the next toe and separated the big toenail from the nail bed. The nail is held on by both sides at the moment but my toenail does get sore when running. My running trainers are fine normally. Does anyone know how to deal with this nail? Will it just grow out ok or will running damage more nail bed. Are there things I should do with it for running? Sorry for the toe pic!


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12 Replies

  • When I have nail issues like that or have nails that are going to dteach but haven't yet, I generally wodge a little bit of cotton wool down under the lifted section to keep it from pressing against the nail bed and then let nature take its course either way. I cetainly wouldn't pull that one off. there is too mcuh still attached and that would be too ouchy even by my standards.

  • I am not wanting ouchy that's for sure. Discomfort is what I have at the moment.

  • My husband does iron distance triathlon so forever has manky toenails (not that I go anywhere near them). Whenever he is doing an event he smothers his toes in sudocrem (or any other nappy cream!) - this then gives the nails some protection while he is on the marathon part of the triathlon. It appears to work for him. The toenail will takes it's natural course and may fall off but you should have another nail underneath by that stage.

  • I am hoping that there is a new nail underneath. I am concerned that it will detach further down with running. It is so bothersome and annoying when I run. It doesn't look very nice either but it is not flip flop weather yet lol!

  • Well you are a professional runner now as you have runners toenails! Let's just gloss over the reason why though....

  • What Rignold said... and when I broke my toe last year, I taped it next to the other toe , like a toe-buddy.. ( one of the other seasoned Graduates advised it.. that helped me.. :) I know you can buy a toe protector too .

  • This is the big toe I shattered into pieces a few years ago when it was hit by an opponents hockey stick. The nail came off and has never been the same since. I have never had a half detached toenail though so this is new to me! Maybe some padding around it might help during running. Is there such a thing as 'runners toenail'?

  • Ouch!!!!!!!! There is Runner's toe nail..yes!!!

  • I would tape the nail down when you run, and if the whole thing becomes loose later tape it most of the time until it falls off- especially at night so you don't catch it in the bedsheets and pull it off accidentally. That or wear a sock at night.

  • ps: Should you need to wear nail varnish on your toes - tape it down with and you can paint over it!!

  • Mmm think some tape may be in order as I don't fancy catching the nail, eek! Guess I will be sourcing some tape tomorrow.

  • Yep, tape it down on runs. I used co-op own bRand plasters on mine. The nail does grow back underneath but it can take absolutely ages. Mine lifted quite a lot. Shudder 😃

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