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Amazing, I just Finished!


I graduated today. Its just such an amazing feeling of achievement. Im still not very fast I suppose its barely more than a jog, but i do a little spurt at the end and i am really proud of myself. Now i will keep going running 5k 3 times a week and then hopefully extend it. I just need to find an app to encourage me. The coach was such a help to me. Thank you xx

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Well done!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

A terrific achievement. After consolidation for a while you may like to look at the Bridge to 10k forum. There is no audio, just a plan to follow but it is great. Nike Run Club is a super app for running where they have plenty of audio coached runs for all times, distances and abilities.

Blenheim11Graduate in reply to GTFC

Yes definitely want to look at 10k as i am doing it for Race for Life in October, Thank you

GTFC in reply to Blenheim11

You'll be ready for that no doubts at all.


Well done! Keep it up!

Congratulations 🥳 Well done 🥳 🏅


Well done!!

Spend the next few weeks consolidating, don't worry about your pace (but it is so tempting to see how fast you can go, isn't it?) in fact, doing a super-slow 5k and alternating your pace on your other run days is a good way to build upon your strength and stamina.

Don't go out and try to do a Personal Best every run, it could burn you out and lead to injury; good luck! :)

Blenheim11Graduate in reply to pippkins

Thank you that was kind of what i was thinking so you have made it seem a good idea. Thanks x


Well done, that’s a brilliant achievement, I start week 9 on Friday. I run at a slower pace, but I think that’s the way to achieve this, as I’m 54 and no Mo Farrah. Enjoy the rest of your day and that great feeling of completing C25K 👍 🏆

Blenheim11Graduate in reply to Couchphoenix

Me neither, i just want to be able to run at my own pace and not mind being overtaken by everybody else! Hopefully when Parkrun resumes i will be able to join in feeling that i can do it!

Absolutely brilliant!! Well done!!


Well done 😊


Congratulations on your graduation, fellow runner.

This guide to post C25k running may be helpful

Keep running, keep smiling



I love the fact that you do a little bit of speeding up at the end! Sounds like you're doing great!

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