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1st Consolidation Run


I did my first run this evening, after graduating on Sunday. I didn’t enjoy it much ☹️ I felt lost without Jo cheering me on in the app.

I’m using Runkeeper to track how far I run and also for voice memos on time. I’m not too worried about distance at the moment. Just trying to make running a regular part of my life post-graduation.

Oh well, maybe next time will be better 🤷‍♀️

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It's all about experimentation now. Going faster when you can or slowing down to cover the miles as well as different routes means you can run how you want or need to. As the runs progress you'll add distance on and have so much freedom how you run and what you want from it. Keeping going is what it's all about because you do reach a stage where it becomes comfortable at times and for periods of a run. Really well done. Nike Run Club has some lovely runs with commentary to keep you occupied on a run. I really enjoy the app as you can have km or time commands and a little run story behind each distance. Best Wishes.

agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to GTFC

Yes, keeping going is definitely going to be the challenge for me. Thanks for the Nike Run Club recommendation, I will check it out.

I had not even thought about what I'll do when I finish the programme 😕 I might just keep listening to one if the later weeks for the reminders on time 😉 I hope your next run is more enjoyable!!

agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Northlondongirl

Thank you!


Hey you ran but you can still use the c25k app if you want the voice coaching to assist you!!

It gets easier and you'll know when you're ready to leave Sarah behind 🙂

agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Imc50

I might just go back to the app for a bit. I felt lost without it 🙂

Imc50Graduate in reply to agirlinwinter

I felt a little lost with out Michael chirping at me but eventually, after moving along with just music and the odd podcast I've gone for just silence... And .....it's so refreshing you really time into your running

agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Imc50

I can’t run to music so apart from app telling me what to do, I run in silence. I like it, it’s meditative.

Imc50Graduate in reply to agirlinwinter

Yep I'm I'm total agreement it's rewarding silence, music and running, tried it.... It makes you want to dance 🥳 which if you can dance I dare say it's ok but I looked like 😳🤯🤬

So gimme the silence every run 👍


I think that the post graduation phase is interesting and challenging. Having a firm plan can be difficult at first, because you don't have the programme. The temptation to stop after 20 minutes was an issue for me post graduation for the first few runs.

I would suggest finding a new route, perhaps somewhere completely different, perhaps change whatever you're listening to on your headphones and try to relax.

I go out on runs where I haven't quite decided where I'm going, and the fun of making little decisions about where to go next keeps me going.

Good luck - you will discover what you enjoy about running, just keep going out there.

agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Roxdog

Good point about changing routes. I’ve tended to run the same route throughout C25K. Perhaps I need to change it up a bit.

I don’t listen to music when I’m running. I find it makes me run too fast because I’m trying to run to the beat.


dieOR5kGraduate in reply to agirlinwinter

I recently learned in a Good Form Running seminar to run to 170 bpm to force me to take much smaller steps to the keep up with the beat. It makes running, not exactly enjoyable, but better.

agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to dieOR5k

Thanks, that’s very interesting!

I’m also feeling the same! I feel a bit lots without MJ! 🤣 I’m thinking I just have to get used to it being different? I’m using Runkeeper too but think I’ll try the Nike Run Club based on the recommendation below. Good luck with your next consolidation run 😊

agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Reluctantrunner40

Sorry to hear that but glad it’s not just me! Thanks and you too 🙂

Aspire24Graduate in reply to agirlinwinter

This was me this time last year. I found plotting my route on onthegomap.com gave me a target 🏃‍♀️

agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Aspire24

Thank you, that’s good advice 🙂


I can understand that, I haven’t graduated yet, but having Jo encourage you in a structured programme is what we’re used to, so not having that I imagine will be strange mmmmm wonder what the solution is and how others have got around this. Maybe a Park Run? Id be interested to see what you come up with........Good Luck with whatever you decide to do 👍

agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Couchphoenix

Thank you! I’ve just got to try different things, I guess, until I find what works for me. The most important thing is that I keep running and don’t waste the progress I’ve made in the last 9 weeks.


I carried on using the last run on the app for a couple of runs, just to keep me focused. I then tried Nike app, but wasn’t really my thing. Now I’m just timing myself and using some music I like. I’m also going to try no music at all, and just time myself 😱

It’s fun trying all these things out to find out what suits! Have fun 👍😁

agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Wenderwoo

Thank you 🙂 I might go back to the C25K app for a bit and then see how I get on.


Just trying the Nike run club app too...let us know how you get on.

agirlinwinterGraduate in reply to Nilsam

Will do, thank you.

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