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Week 5 time!

It was week 5 run 1 this morning which was pretty easy going after week 4, just 3 x 5min runs - it's great now to feel confident with 5 mins. It doesn't sound like much but I don't think I could have ran for 5 mins in the beginning.

My second run hit a huge hill which almost killed me but I powered up! Beetroot coloured face again. I am starting to recover much more quickly now - as laura points out in the podcast. It great to cover much more ground whilst running.

I'll not be doing run 2 till Monday as I am away fro the weekend, but looking forward to tit.

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Oh yes that means I'll be doing the same as you my W5R1 is on Saturday and my W5R2 is going to be Monday.

I'll look for some flat runs for Saturday morning!


oh yaayyy! We at exactly the same point! Good luck sat - I'll let you know how it goes on Monday!


Well hello fellow w5'ers i did run 2 last night and run 3 will be on Friday night so only a day to go then who knows lol ?... Good luck with your runs ...


am on week 5 too . Run 3 is in the morning . I am amazed at the progress i have made this far as i never thought i would be able to run for 2 minutes and now i am thinking of running for 20 . Good luck to everyone and hope you reach your goals


This is brilliant to read - I'm at the end of week 4 and I am really looking forward to week 5 but very nervous I won't be up to it but reading your comments makes me so excited I can't wait to give it go

Keep at it all :-)


I did my fifrst attempt at run3 on wednesday - and I managed 16-17 mins before feeling really sick and having to walk the rest (ok, I did a little sprint because I just wanted to go home and have a shower).

I had pushed my body is its limit and did 16 mins continuous non-stop running, and I am really proud of that! And I know that my body will be able to do a bit more next time, whether thats the 20 mins or not I dont know. I'm currently sitting here debating on whether or not to do it today - fear of failure is more overwhelming than wanting to run today.


Hey Chris and Yorki - how did run 3 go? I just got back from run 2 and it was fine but I am a bit worries about run3, seems like a big step up.

Mirandababes - I just read your posts about run 3, well done for managing it! It's inspiring to know that you were feeling a bit negative about it but managed to completely turn it around and do it! Massively proud of you.

And good luck to Mavis for week 5 :)

It was good being able to run for 8mins today, I am starting to feel like I can actually recover whlst I am still running which is a big breakthrough, if I have just been up a small hill I can recover on the way down. I am wondering wether to adjust my route for th big 20mins as I will probably hitting a huge hill (well it seems huge when I am running) about the 13min mark and it might ruin me. Hmmmm.


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