Week 4 to 5 transition

Omg, finished week 4 and have always tried to not look ahead at future runs but I just read a post by someone who finished week 5. Here I am amazed I can run for 5 mins and there he is saying same about 20 mins! This time next week? Never.

This is the week we really need to believe in this program more than any time before.

I wrote yesterday that I still didn't feel like a proper runner( everyone assured me I am) and I thought to myself, if I was talking to a non runner,someone outside of this forum and told them I was learning to run, saying I could now run for 5 mins would sound a bit silly ( even though I think it's amazing) but , tell the same person that I can run for 20 mins and I think they would be impressed.

So, my plan is to continue with my absolute, unshakable faith in this program until I finish Week 5 and then, come out (as a runner) to my family and friends.


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7 Replies

  • You need to remember that you are not just running for 5 minutes. It may be five minutes at a time but you need to look at the total time you are out as the walking part of you run is part of the build up to the longer runs.

  • Well done for getting to the end of W4.

    Totally agree with SC1472 ... and, at the risk of sounding boring remember slow, slow, slow. You'll do it, believe me, I felt just as you do when I realised I had to run for 20 minutes.

    Happy Running!

  • How many times do we have to tell you.........C25K REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!

    Trust the plan and believe in your self and take it nice and steady and Week 5 glory will be yours.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Don't worry about 'coming out' as a runner, some of my best friends are runners

  • Believe that you can and you will 🙂. You've just run 5 mins. Your next run is only to do that 3 times. Just get some boogie tunes on your music player. PS this time last week I was thinking exactly the same as you, this week I am proud to say I shuffled along for 20 mins, even if it was hardly any faster than walking.

  • You can do it. I've completed the 20 min run this morning after worrying I'd never do it. Have faith in the programme and once it's done you feeling flipping amazing!!!

  • Hi Bonkers Brit. I am also up to Week 5 run 1, going to try it tomorrow night or Thursday morning. I will take your advice and believe in the programme and Ignore my doubts :)

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