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Oh lordy that was tough today. Didn't sleep well last night thanks to a poorly dog so apart from being tired I really wasn't in the right mindset. On reflection I might have been better to have left it a day. However, I took my Border Collie (not the poorly one) and got out. Mindset is everything because I was very defeatist in my thinking today and it showed in my progress. Legs were heavy, barely lifted my feet and nearly ended up with shin splints. If it wasn't for my dog giving me a bit of a pull along, it would have been much harder. But I did it and I'm not looking forward to stepping it up to wk2 on friday if I'm honest. Running into the wind didn't help. Hey ho onwards and upwards!

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Well done on your run Sarah2706 it least you got out there and another run in the bag happy running 🏃‍♀️

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Sarah2706Graduate in reply to pete1212

Thank you.

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There will be days like this, but you will get up and run. It gets better.

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You'll probably surprise yourself next time out and have a much more enjoyable run. The winds evil though I agree, be it a head wind or tail wind, give me breeze free running everyday please.

I started my c25k 2nd time around and I'm still enjoying the running, I started as I turned the corner of 50 and yep, it takes years off you....

Before you know it you'll be looking at week 9 👍

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Sarah2706Graduate in reply to Imc50

Thank you that really helps, I was certainly feeling my age today.

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Well done, you did it.

Everything going on in our lives can impact on our performance as a runner. Restedness, hydration and nutrition are at the top of my list of variables that need to be optimised to enable enjoyable running.

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The fact you got out and run is great, well done! It does get easier 😄

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Well done for getting out there! I keep thinking if we can run in this weather, it can only get better better. 👍

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Sarah2706Graduate in reply to Speedy60

Well that's very true!

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I have nearly completed the course, on week 9, and there was many a day when I thought not today and didn’t run. Try and choose a place to run with winds behind you and no hills. Find a running buddy, I am still trying to find mine, but I’m sure it will help. Just don’t give up, after my first 30 min run I was buzzing when I had finished! It will do your body and mind so much good. Good luck!

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Sarah2706Graduate in reply to Chattycatt

Thank you, it's good to hear I'm not the only one

Well done and hows the dog?

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Sarah2706Graduate in reply to Gregob

Still poorly unfortunately but on meds so hopefully will improve soon. Thank you for asking.

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