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W1R3 - Opinionated Dog Walker

Nearly didn't make it out today as I was messing about on the computer this morning and it got so close to lunch that my husband decided to go running tomorrow instead. Anyway, I resolutely went out by myself after lunch (not straight after obviously) and all was going fine until a dog walker started shouting something at me. The elderly gentleman carried on talking and once I got to my walking interval, I established that he was actually saying that I was looking better than I did the last time he saw me out!

When I was on my cool down walk, I found out that he had last seen me running with my husband on the day that my knees got really bad so I suppose that it wasn't exactly hard to look better than that today! He carried on telling me that I needed to diet as well as exercise if I wanted to lose weight and that he would expect me to be running even better the next time he bumped into me! As much as I love living in very small town flanked by fields, it is rather hard to do anything unnoticed!

Aside from liaising with opinionated dog walkers, I did find the session today quite arduous. Maybe it was because I had eaten lunch and felt a bit rounded, or maybe it was because I was going a teeny bit faster, but I did get rather desperate for Laura to tell me that it was the end of the running intervals again.

Right, it's a rest day tomorrow then on to Week 2 again. Please hold out knees!

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Great, you are so determined :) .... I think it's kinda cute that a complete stranger is cheering you along with advice too ... What a hoot ... Dear ole chap ... Think he's found a new friend/protege LOL

As for your 'post lunch run', yep, I reckon it would have had an impact on your performance - so if your next outing is before a meal or even longer after a meal, you'll probably make mincemeat of it all!

Really hope your knees stay good! Rest them when you can and let them enjoy warm soaks in the bath too. Take care blossom and good luck with your repetition runs.

Cheers, Linda :D


Now I feel like the Karate Kid! He is the second random elderly man to comment on my endeavours! Will go back to a mid-morning run next time, just didn't want to miss a day because of my procrastinating! Thanks for the support! :)


Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I use Scholl knee supports and they do help me a lot, if my knees start to hurt I just slow down a bit for a while.

So glad you are persevering. Good luck for next week.


Thank you! Although my doc said not to use knee supports, I might try some just for Race for Life as I don't want my knees to give out then even if I shouldn't use them on a frequent basis. I am not quite sure why the doc didn't want me to use them - I think it was partly because my quad muscles are so weak and she wanted me to build them up. I have been doing the strengthening stretches anyway, so hopefully they are getting stronger. My husband said to me the other day that he didn't think that so many athletes would wear knee supports if they didn't help, so I shouldn't worry too much about wearing one for the race! Thanks again for the support. :)


Ive started running without my glasses so any comments fly over my head as i cant see who they are coming from lol ! Which race or life are ou doing? I'm booked onto bury in June,Ally x


He he. Take care though! I couldn't see the path without my glasses! I am booked into Colchester in July. Good luck in your Race for Life. I have never done one, so I am a bit nervous!


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