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Well I've now done 3 runs for week one. I am so proud of myself. Not sure if it's because I ran on path rather than grass but I felt I could have done an extra 60 second jog 😆😅☺

I nearly didn't go today as we've been at the splash landings hotel at alton Towers for the weekend. And felt so tired and got a nasty blister 😯 but I did it and my god did it feel good.

Got 3 sets of night shifts now, but will be doing my next run on Wednesday. But sure weather to begin week 2 or do another couple of W1 runs.

Thank you all for your brilliant support on here. Thank you, thank you, thank you 😁

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Definitely go on to week 2; definitely don't do more than Laura tells you to! Better to succeed at every stage than fail. She's an intelligent lass is old Laura - do what she says! Good luck and glad its going well. Take your time, have your rest days and we'll be seeing that Graduate post after your name in next to no time. Keep posting too - it keeps you going.


If you have managed to complete the W1 runs then go on to W2, the running bits are slightly longer but there are fewer of them, you should be prepared for them if you have done W1. Good luck !


Start week 2, you are ready. Well done and keep going!


Go for it! Sounds like you're more than ready for week 2. Good luck


I hope your blister sorts itself out and you can continue your good progress


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