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Trying again third time lucky


After trying this twice and getting to week 8 both times and had to stop due to injury, I'm going to try again, but this time out in the street rather than on the treadmill so fingers crossed I will get to complete the 9 weeks.

Wish me luck.

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You may not have noticed the new advice about not landing on your heel? And it is OK to breathe through your mouth.




Good luck, I’m sure you will complete it this time! Let us know how you got on?


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

and includes advice on pacing, stretching after every run, strengthening exercises and many other tips to help avoid injury.

Enjoy your journey.

Good luck!

Let us know how you get on



Much luck 👍😁

Aaagh, saw your post and it says "2 days ago"... Did you run? How did it go? I DO wish you luck!!

Hi, yes I did run I felt like an Elephant but did it. Two days on and my muscles are still sore I will try again perhaps not today but when my muscles tell me it's ok thanks for your encouragement.

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