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Third Time Lucky!


Well got the all clear from consultant on Friday.(short 25th June got up at 530 am and did wk7run 3-felt great.1245 same day had car crash...this was second attempt first one got flu wk 5!). Hand and arm not completely right but he said it was ok to get back to exercise.So went out today in a hurricane(well felt like it) and did wk 1 run 1.It felt good....been lurking while getting better and it is still inspiring to read of everyone's experiences...Good and bad!

Onwards and upwards...

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Hello pot58 .... goodness me, is that where you've been? ... sorry to hear about your trauma, happy to hear you're on the mend and delighted and impressed to see you're starting the programme aGain .... well done you!!! Fingers crossed this time then, all the very best to you :-)

pot58Graduate in reply to BoPeep9009

Thanks...must admit I wonder if I will get it finished!


Wow pot58 You certainly picked some weather for your comeback ! Sorry to hear about your accident . I'll keep fingers crossed that you'll get through to graduation without any mishaps this time. You certainly show determination . Good luck

pot58Graduate in reply to Fitfor60

Thank you...hopefully this time I will do it!!!


Not a lot of luck for you pot! Hope all goes well for you now x :-)

pot58Graduate in reply to no-excuse

Thanks...I did feel good getting out today....and it does make it easier knowing I have done it before....ever the!

Glad your on the mend :) I'll keep my fingers crossed, going out in a hurricane for your first run will make all future runs feel like a walk in the park, keep up the good work, I'm doing my first run of wk 1 today but it's going to be in the gym as I have balance issues.

Good luck for all your future runs. :)

pot58Graduate in reply to amateurwriter

Thanks...and good luck to you today.I hope it goes's to us :0))


Wow pot58, you've had some bad luck, haven't you! But what a positive attitude! Respect! Looks like you're going to be a Christmas graduate. Nice! And running in a hurricane, do the weather's not going to phase you, is it. Well done, I'm glad you enjoyed your run and that you're on the mend.

Dear me, I would be in shock for a long time with that car crash. I hope you're getting on alright. I dare not ask if the car is alright.

pot58Graduate in reply to helingmic

It was written off.Luckily my insurance covered its replacement. And yes it was a shock emotionally as well as physically.But I am a glass half full person and it could have been so much worse!

helingmic in reply to pot58

I hope things settle down for you. You could ask yourself: what is the first step that I can take? When you're done, see how you feel about it. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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