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Third time lucky


Just back from my first run of week 1. This is the third time I have attempted the C25k programme and hoping this time it sticks. I’ve just been diagnosed with IBS and I’m currently on a stressful placement to become a primary teacher. Decided that this time it will work out for me as I need to do some exercise to help with IBS and as a destress! I struggle to get motivated especially after a long day! Does anyone have any advice?

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Just schedule the times you can run and do it. Maybe you could try different than mess of day to see which suit you best. Mainly just do it, slowly, steadily and posting here for help, advice, praise, commiserations and when necessary tough love. You can do it.

Hi, are you able to go first thing in the morning? I go around 6.40am, and it really sets me up for the day. If I waited until I got home, when I’m tired and have dinner to make etc, I know I would end up not going out. Also is there anyone you could go with? A friend came with me on my first run and it really helped and she has continued to come out most days with me. She is a marathon runner but still gets something out of it and says it’s a good way to start the day. Good luck. 😀

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Hello! I really struggle to get up in the morning so prefer to do it when I get home. I am planning the next run for Wednesday! My friend did mention starting running again so will give her a shout, thank you :)

Well done for coming back to the programme, it’s hard to do - but you know there’s something there, when you keep coming back to try again. So motivation - clearly you’ve got some already helping to de-stress your life is a great one as a start.

Generally it takes us all time to work out our own running recipe - mine was always doing it in the morning before the day took hold, as I am an ace prevaricator and found loads of things that ‘had to be done’ in the evening rather than running. So maybe play about with your running schedule in these early weeks, so you can see which suits your bod and mentality. Some folk keep a notepad/excel to make a note of how they felt before/during and after the run, so it helped them work out what works well for them.

Usual advice is to get your kit out and in a place that is hard to avoid/ignore, so it nags you.

The other thing worth trying is to schedule your C25K days in advance if that’s possible, so that (and I know W9 seems a long way away) if friends and family ask you what you’re doing in X weeks time then your ‘running’ time is firmly fixed and doesn’t fall victim to the cream tea/family birthday/celebration/work do syndrome.

Give yourself some mini treats for meeting milestones - mine was a music download for every run done and then an extra one for every week completed.

Also if I had a milestone run to do, say the longest in one week on that day I’d treat myself to a shower with my ‘posh’ shower gel.

Little rewards often help and with IBS non food rewards are definitely the way to go!

Keep posting - before a run if you need some perking up and after if you need a congratulations or a hug or advice or whatever. You won’t find a friendlier bunch of folk willing to help.

Good luck

Working in education can be very stressful 😳You are human and I'm sure doing your best . The growing trend to constantly improve and responsibility takes its toll and makes conscientious staff feel they can never do enough. You owe it to yourself to take time out, I found swimming therapeutic and my work worries felt less afterwards. I am on week 3 run 2 next and have not found it easy, advice that worked for me is go at snail pace 🐌 and taking as many rest days as I need. Post your progress after each session as it gives you support. 😊


Well done.

Keep posting here and we will keep you honest.......

Have you read the guide to the plan? which is full of tips.

Enjoy your journey.

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