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S#@t I actually did it!


Got off my ass and out of my warm bed and went and did w6r3, a whole 25 mins of jogging (I'm too slow for running). Covered just shy of 4km so maybe I am on track to cover 5km in 30 mins.

I felt a little faint at the 23min mark but not sure if that was pure excitement that it was nearly over I did give a Yelp when it was, I heard it over my music so must have been loud.

I'm now just thinking it's only 5 more mins on top of that run till the 30 min goal.

Well chuffed I achieved that and will enjoy being out out later. Have a great weekend everyone 😍😘👌

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Great effort well done, faint feelings not good though, suggests you may nit be getting enough oxygen in, slow down a but, speed and distance will come but not if you're lying flat out 🥴 happy running


What a star! Sounds like you were definitely running, not jogging - we said you could do it🥳 🤩. Enjoy your evening out 🥂💃and look forward to next week with more confidence. Hooray! 🏃‍♀️🤗


25 minutes non stop is brilliant. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Well done you 😊😊


4km in 25mins is wonderful! Well done!

Good to hear, those longer runs are fantastic when you get to the end and realise how well you’ve done


Well done, you're a runner now! 🏃 Don't worry too much about the distance you are covering in the time, just keep it slow and steady so you can comfortably complete the runs.


Yay! I just came on to see ur update ☺️ fantastic, massive well done to u! I knew u could do it... enjoy ur night out, well deserved I’d say 😘

Beckyboo1980Graduate in reply to CJMumma

All runs from now are 25 mins plus so better get used to it now. I definitely struggled that last 3 mins I'd say so hopefully week 7 should sort that 😘

CJMummaGraduate in reply to Beckyboo1980

I managed to up the pace in last minute but I’m slow as hell anyway haha!! Yes ‘proper’ running from now on 😬

So glad you did it. Hopefully these next few weeks will be a breeze and you can really settle into being a runner. Well done 👍🏻

Fantastic. Really well done. Into the full on running now, which means... you're into the final 3rd and almost finished.

Hope you enjoy your well deserved night out

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