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What do you listen to?

I had a look at what my Gym mix has turned into and it's pretty eclectic to say the list. What keeps you all going when the beat of the feet just becomes too monotonous?

What Can I Say BS

Firth of fifth I know what I like G

In the Cage Cinema Show Dukes Travels G

Don't talk to me about love AI

Goodbye Stranger S

Is she really going out with him JJ

Don't Stop FM

Second Hand News FM

True Blue M

Our House M

Thinking of you SS

Breakout SOS

Friday I am in love TC

Listrn to the music DB

Long Train Runnin DB

Back in Black ACDC

Born to run BS

Take it easy TE

Highway to Hell ACDC

Glory Days BS

Telegraph Road DS

Boogie Wonderland EW&F

Dancing KM

These are a selection, some pace me, some put a spring in my step and spur me on others I get lost in. So lost sometimes that I forget I am in the gym and burst into song! The other day it was "me? I'm just a lawnmower you can tell me by the way I walk"

Feel free to share, I know I could not do this without


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I love music when I run and at the moment it’s a mix of Asura, carbon based life forms, Banco de Gaia, cristof and Dirty Doering. Great selection you have there too...


Lost me with those, Sounds like a Portuguese Bank, a bottle of Champagne and a movie! Hell I feel old all of a sudden!


Haha I do listen to some wierd stuff because I AM old!!!!


I’m also in stitches... Portuguese bank 😂😂😂

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You did ask.... 🤣🤣🤣

This is stuff many people run away from!!

Fuego - Radio on Fire Mix by Moombah Jack

Funky Beat - Workout Edit by Melbourne Kidz

Papagayo - Radio Edit by Captain Basscut

Hands Up - Short Edit by General Wooky

Flash - Radio Mix by Filtercut

Holi Anthem - Short Mix by Million Colours

The World is my Club - Workout Mix by Partybangers

All of those were from a 3 quid "running" album

Animals - Martin Garrix

Breakin a Sweat- Skrillex

Crank it! - Kideko

Trouble - Offaiah

Tracking Treasure Spinoff - Darcy Baston

We Speak No Swagger (DJ iFrog bootleg) - Yolanda be Cool & DCup

Bonkers - Dizzee Rascal

Icy Feet - TCTS

Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation

Put Your Hands Up For Detroit- Fedde le Grand

Right Here Right Now - Fat Boy Slim

Sandstorm - Darude

Egypt (Danny T Remix)

Wavey - Cliq feat Alika

Groove is in the Heart - Dee-Lite

Guilt - Nero

Fire - Magnetic Man feat Ms Dynamite

Vultures (MJ Cole Remix)

All Night (Skream remix) - JohnB, Jack Beats

Brave (Gemini Remix)

White Noise - Disclosure feat Aluna George

Touch Me - Cass Fox

Hey Now (Arty Remix) - London Grammer

Loneliness - Tomcraft

One - Swedish House Mafia

Breathe - Prodigy

Get Up (Rattle) - Far East Movement

Time to Burn - Storm

Dooms Night (Timo Maas Remix) - Azzido da Bass

Adagio for Strings - Tiesto

Gecko (Overdrive) Radio Edit - Oliver Heldens

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I think you must be about 30 years younger than me, maybe 40!


🤣🤣🤣 unless the 34 stands for 1934 I doubt it!! I just need faster beats to make me move! 👍😉

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No born in '63 but you look like about 20!


A mere 11 years behind you! 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Hi Jo,

You should be in big school.

JuJu’s 10 the magic number 10 k plan commences on the 15th.

New intake Friday.Take a look at the 8 week plan x 3 runs per week over on the bridge.

If you fancy and your foot is good.🤔🌟👏👏


Hmmm. I probably should although actually already done over 10k on my own. I'll see where the next few weeks take me though 👍😁


Yes I have done 3x10k and longest 12.6k.

I have decided to latch on to a bit of structure again.

JuJu replied to a question I put to her and is accommodating of other goals providing the TPR is respected.🌟👏👏

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This made me laugh.

Not the age guessing.😂

Making you move.You are a flyer , and now I know your secret and why I am stuck in first gear.🙈😂😂

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It's the petrol in my tank. You know it now 👍😉


Brill.Rocket fuel.👍

I think I reached for the wrong nozzle.🙈

1974 was a good year then, my daughter same as you.🌟🌟👏👏

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White noise, adagio and One are all ones I've used for running, brill.. will check out a few of these others. You seem to like the same kinda stuff I do in terms of beat/energy!

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I do like high energy... partial to a bit of the wub, wub, of dubstep too! 👍😁

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I tend to like much more poppy /dancey songs for running than i might listen to ordinarily but they really put a fire under my feet.. And how much i am enjoying my playlist makes the difference between feeling exhilerated and triumphant, and feeling lacklustre, pained, breathless and defeatist.. pretty serious stuff ha!

My running playlist has to be very very regularly updated. It's like whatever juice is in the songs that energise me or take over me as you describe it, has all been squeezed out after a few listens and they have to be cast aside for new songs.. does that make sense to anyone else?

I'm currently on a sweep for new blood.. loving LE YOUTH walk away but need to build a new 15 strong list for the next 2 weeks' running..

Most recently the songs that really worked well for running for me at some stage or other were -(all dead to me now and useless)

NETSKY - running Low

BEYONCE&SHAKIRA- beautiful liar freemasons remix

DUO LIPA - new rules

ALEX ROSS - dreams

BLONDE - I loved you

LE YOUTH - cool

SHAKIRA - Cant remember to forget you

CHASE & STATUS - alive

KINGS OF LEON - the face

PHILIP GEORGE - wish you were mine

JAMIE FOXX- blame it Club mix


Kinda with you, got some Sister Sledge and Kylie in there plus songs that take me somewhere else in time and others with attitude!

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Sunn 0)))


I don’t listen to anything. I wear one earphone so I can hear Laura and having her in my ear is bad enough. I can’t wait to take the earphone out so I can’t hear her anymore.

I tried music on my first run and it drove me crazy. My phones in one of those arm band things so difficult to get to so I just put up with it till the end.

On a plus when doing the cool down walk and my daughter starts to annoy me asking for things I can then put in both earphones and drown her out with loud music 😂

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HEHE! i just cant imagine enjoying it without the music.. even an interesting podcast would suffice in a pinch for me! But the silence, apart from my own thundering breath! No!

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