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WEEK 5 RUN 3 - Smashed it!!! But the app played the wrong voiceover?!

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Well after being truly terrified of twenty minutes of running I can now say I’ve done it and I’m shouting it from the rooftops!

I had the worst work day of my life on Monday. It was bucketing down and it was run day. However I figured with such a bad day behind me what else did I have to lose?

Weirdly, the app played a totally different run despite working properly on the screen?! Anyone else have that with Sarah? So I ignored what she was telling me to do although still nice to have the encouragement! I think the fact it had a funny turn was good as it meant I just ran and tried not to look at the time for ages. When I finally did and saw I only had 6 minutes left I knew I couldn’t give up then!

And just like that it was done with a few happy tears at the end. So if anyone else is worried just trust the programme - it really works and you really can!!! Thank you so much to all those who offered me encouragement on my last post. It really helped 😊

My current top tip is PODCASTS! Why didn’t I do this before?! It means I am so immersed in listening I forget i am running. Can highly recommend give me strength my Alice Liveing which is totally inspiring.


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Fantastic well done!

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WillRunForWineGraduate in reply to Sp81

Thank you so much!

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Well done! You’ve done fantastic👍🏻

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WillRunForWineGraduate in reply to Helzbels

Thank you 😊

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Well done !

Yes there have been a few posts about that session with Sarah, most people can get around it by changing coach for that session

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WillRunForWineGraduate in reply to backintime

Thank you! Ah I see not just me then!

I had that problem with Sarah in that run and had that smile when I finished feels amazing doesn’t it

Like the idea of the Podcasts tip. I have a subscription to Audible, and am getting acquainted with some of the classics (which I neglected to read in my youth). Currently being gripped by Wuthering Heights read by Patricia Routledge. That should be intense enough to get you through a run! Running may be intense but not half as intense as Wuthering Heights!

Best laugh out loud moment was a girl talking to her fat father: "Dear father, you do grow a porpoise!". Am pleased to say that my own personal porpoise is gradually shrinking!

Also, to my delight I find that it will synchronise position in the current book across devices. My main phone is a Samsung GS9 but it's a bit to bulky to strap to my arm, so I have an iPhone 5 passed on from my daughter as a "running phone", because it is smaller.

After I saw your post I installed the Audible app on the iPhone and found that it offered to continue where I'd left off on the other phone.

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Congratulations, you look so happy in that photograph, well done. Run 3 of week 5 is a milestone run with C25K, onwards and upwards to week 6 run 1 but be careful about that run as it catches out some people with the interval walks and runs after the non stop 20 minutes of W5R3 which you have just ran,

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Well done. Great post.

That happened to me with the voice being wrong what I did to fix it was just pick someone else and that fixed it and well done you’re doing great like you say this program really does work well do and you have a fantastic attitude. I’m just on my 2nd consolidation run and ran a parkrun loved it 😉 happy running 😉

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Well done you, fantastic stuff and great post.

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Wonderful. This is the post I said I'd be waiting for. Well done for smashing it. I was having that kind of day when I did my graduation run and it made the achievement all the sweeter.

Looking forward to reading how you progress over the final weeks. Keep going...

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