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I swore in front of Laura. Please forgive me!


I managed to get my last run of the week in after work and it was bliss. Well sweaty and tiring and not really bliss until it was over. I didn't see another soul in the forest which was lovely but at the same time a bit creepy. I mean i could have been eaten by foxes or goblins or pecked to bits by a buzzard. The struggle is real.

But i digress. I managed the full 28 minutes although when Laura told me I still had five minutes left I'm afraid I might have sworn in front of her. Ok i did swear in front of her. It's nothing personal, it could have been Jo or Sarah or even Michael. I still would have sworn. But bless her, Laura stayed with me even after that abuse and got me to the end. Thank you Laura, you're a trooper!

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😂😂😂😂well done keep swearing if it gets you to the end

Lindsey-joyGraduate in reply to Buddy34

Oh i will!!! Glad the kids weren't with me 🤣🤣🙉


🎉👏🏼🎉 Well done. So glad no foxes got you. And no gremlins either! 🎶🎶 Never mind a bit of swearing - whatever works, I’d say, and clearly Laura agrees with me as she kept going. And you did too!’ 💕👍

Lindsey-joyGraduate in reply to Granspeed

Thank you! It was tough but I am so pleased to have finished it!


Well done Lindsey-joy! I’m sure Laura wouldn’t mind the swearing!

Lindsey-joyGraduate in reply to Oldgirlruns

Bless her. She was my friend 'till the end! Between her and Jo (they seen to job share on my app) they have never let me down.

Ooh! Well done! I think Jo doesn’t notice my swearing any more! 🤣

Lindsey-joyGraduate in reply to MuddledGardener



I never swore in front of her but I did get a bit snippy once

Lindsey-joyGraduate in reply to backintime

You are a better person than me.

Poor Laura ☹

well done Lyndsey, survive to tell the tale again😂 get those leggins pressed ready for graduation, not far now 😊👍

Lindsey-joyGraduate in reply to notquiteretired

Oh the leggings are by my bed being admired and stroked ready for the Big Day! I just have to be patient!


She's a tough bird is Laura 😊 I swore at her a few times yet she comes back each time without criticism.

Keep safe from the goblins x

Lindsey-joyGraduate in reply to Jogunlikely

Thank you! I will do my best!


That did make me smile 🙂 Haven’t sworn at Laura but I do quite often plead with her for an update or a cheery word of encouragement! She always comes through when I need her 🙂! Happy running!

Lindsey-joyGraduate in reply to SpeedMaQueen

What would we do without her?!


Huge well done.... !

Laura has broad shoulders and is so forgiving... I feel many of us may have been a little rude to her on many occasions... My particular expletives always were aimed at the.... " Finish in style" comment... I was just grateful to finish at all!

She has taken thousands of us to that finish line... long may she reign!

Lindsey-joyGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Indeed, long may she reign!

I did finish.......although there was absolutely nothing stylish about it! Got pipped to the post by a rabbit and i was nearly on all fours! 😂


I shout at her too. Especially when she says "you're doing well, keep going" I shout back "What do you know about it, shut up woman!"

She can be so hateful with the false praise 🤣🤣

Lindsey-joyGraduate in reply to Teresa1632

Oh I need to hear I'm doing well, I'm a delicate little flower and I feed off these lies!

I think if Ant Middleton or any of the SAS guys were to do a podcast i would be broken! The truth would hurt too much! 😂



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