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What a difference a year makes

In September 2012 I'd been running for 6 months, I managed to run just shy of 50km over the course of the month at a an average of 7.6kph.

This September I've run just over 130km (down from 180 in August, but I was on holiday for most of the month) averaging about 10kph.

I started this month with a 25 min parkrun (and 2 seconds but who's counting?) and finished it with a half marathon in 2 hours and 55 seconds, I was so elated when I finished, but if only I'd run 3 seconds per km faster... :-)

My weights down from 96.2kg this time last year (started at the end of march at 112kg) to 77kg now and it's all down to Laura, who I listened to only briefly, but she did design a nice programme, and MyFitnessPal. Oh and maybe a little bi of determination ;-)

Happy? I should cocoa! Badge finally requested ;-)

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Your stats for September this year and last year (and August, I was off work most of the month as well) are very similar to mine except I didn't round off the month with a HM.

Well done, brilliant times and distances (though I had to work out the 3 second/km bit in my head!). Keep up the good work!

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You know, I was aiming for anywhere faster than 2 hours 6 minutes so the time was amazing, but still it nags...


Wonderfully inspiring. Thank you and well done!


Thanks both :-)


That is great! Well done.


Wow look at what youve done in a year great running and wonderful weight loss what a great blog well done to you x


Well done you have come so far really inspiring!!


Fantastic post, well done on completing the plan and the weight loss - you've certainly earned that grey badge :)


Fantastic achievement. You have every right to feel very proud of yourself. Thanks for the post to help inspire us. I hope I can come back with something as positive next year.


Well done. Loads to be proud of there. I have gone through a similar time frame and weight loss (at 82kg from 105) and it feels great. I've suffered a few injuries and ailments which has put me back slightly a few times but I have done several 10mile runs. I just want to do that bit extra now for the half marathon! I would love to be able to do the 5k in 25mins. My best is 27.24 on my own. I bet a parkrun would help though. I haven't done one yet but would love to when I can find one locally.


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