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Help! W5R1 first time running outside!

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Hi all - today was W5R1 for me. So far I have been doing C25K on the treadmill in the 'Old Bat' cave. Tried to do it outside today as the weather was lovely. Just couldn't do it! Found it impossible to run for more than 1 minute! So dissapointed :( Had to go back home & do it on treadmill, which I managed OK. Will I ever be able to run outside?

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Outdoor running is harder no doubt about it. But stick at it. I couldn’t run for a minute but I’m now running for ten minutes and feeling good. 🙂

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Do try again. As someone who did the programme on a treadmill about 5 years ago, finished it and never ran again because I hated it, I now really like it (can’t quite say I love it yet) by doing it outside. I know it’s the old mantra and I’m sure you know it but try slowing down, I mean really slowing down. You can do it😉

You can do it - lots of us do but running outside is very different

The ground stays beneath your feet - you have to propel yourself along instead of the machine moving below your feet.

The ground can be uneven and there may be hills

You have to control the pace with no figures of the treadmill in front of you. Hint: go slow

The weather is variable: rain/shine/cold/warm (can't remember when it was last warm though 😄) as is the wind - either in your face slowing you down or behind you pushing you along

Outside there are loads of distractions to look at too. Outside is brilliant but not always for everyone. However, do give it another try bearing in mind the great outdoors is different. Forewarned is forearmed and all that 😀 And runing outside might become your favourite way to run too. Best wishes for completing the programme - you're getting nearer to the pat shiny badge 😀

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It is a lot harder than running on a treadmill for sure. I must say though, I love running outside, so it’s worth the swap 👍🏽 Try it again but slow down much more 👌🏽I struggled with one minute just 5 weeks ago and today I ran 20; if I can do it, anyone can!

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Well done, you tried, many would not.

Do you have your treadmill set to a gradient of at least one degree, which is meant to simulate outdoors better and ease the transition?

Just follow the advice above, go slow, maybe drop back a week or two. You will soon get the measure of outdoors and have all the stimulation, fresh air and vitamin D that it delivers.

Stick with it.

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Go slow as others have said. How about going back to week 2 and doing one or two runs and then try going back to W5.

You must forget your last run and just look forward to the next. Mix it up a bit if it helps.

You will achieve your goal. It will happen and it doesn’t matter how long it takes just keep going.

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Thank you all for your replies - I will try again - maybe go back a few weeks as suggested 😊

Yes follow the advice from mentor and his FAQ Posts.👍👏👏

Try and be kind to yourself if you have a park or field or woodland.

If you can , stay off the tarmac, to begin with.🤔 Keeps you maybe at your ease to concentrate on your basics that you have already learnt.

Running is running, 🤔

but of course , you need a little time to familiarise yourself.

Good luck with the transition.🌟👏👏

Take it real slow and plan a route with no hills and maybe no concrete. Do you have a canal near you, tow paths can be nice out and back routes to run on with very little gradient. Or what about a nice country park? It may mean you need to drive a little way to start your run, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

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First, start gently telling yourself you CAN run outdoors. It is perhaps a different discipline - but then again, running itself was for most of us when we first started out! Don’t let this first attempt put you off. Running is in the head as much as the legs, so please don’t even tell yourself it’s harder. Just slow right down. Plan a pretty route, and slow it right down. After a few outdoor runs it will start to feel very manageable.

And as others have said, you will get so many wonderful benefits for doing your exercise outdoors. Not least endless distractions when you start the longer Runs! And fresh air! And sun (When Spring decides to show up!) I am the opposite to you - I feel a scary lack of control running on a treadmill. I like the ground beneath my feet to not be moving! And I can adjust my pace so quickly when I need to, no fiddling about with controls. When I did my gait analysis on a treadmill I was terrified I was going to fall off!

Well done on your week 5 achievements!

Sadie-runs x

Apart from the first three weeks I did the programme on a treadmill and transitioned outside after graduation. Here's what worked for me.

1. Run slower than you think you need to. It's easy on the treadmill to set your pace and forget about it, much harder outside. Consciously slow your pace.

2. Pick your route carefully, preferably flat. You can do hills after graduation.

3. Ease into outside running by doing one outside and the other two on the treadmill, then the next week, do two outside and one inside. This really helped me.

4. If you still struggle on the outside runs then go back a week in the programme and try that instead.

We use slightly different muscles running outside so it makes sense we have to get used to that.

Your body has got used to treadmill running and just needs a little while to get used to outside running! I loved my treadmill while I did it but recently because of the snow I went back on one for the first time in over four years and hated it and found it so hard!

Try again and good luck 🙂

Of course you will do it. You are running on your treadmill so you will be able to do it outside, it may take a little longer at first , but it is so liberating when you finally do.

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