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C25k w7 r1 - epic fail


Morning everyone.

I thought I’d try starting the week well and doing my run this morning. What a mistake. My legs were feeling a bit stiff before I started and i forgot to have a drink before getting going. Did 17.5 mins of the run and my body just said no and started walking. Will try again weds but feeling a bit gutted

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Don't be so.hard on yourself. Look back at your post and concentrate on the fact that you ran for 17.5 minutes!!!! Could you even have got anywhere near that 7 weeks ago. I can understand how it could be a setback, but look at the.positives and go again.

You're right! No chance, I couldn't even run for the bus!


Never use the fail word here on C25K, there are some days that are not do good as others, have a day off tomorrow, drink plenty of water and run a little slower than you did today.

CheapRunnerGraduate in reply to AlMorr

You should start penalising the ones who use that word by giving their graduate badge a week later 🤣😂🤣😂

StevieplinkGraduate in reply to CheapRunner

Surely people who use that word or similar words need our help more. If they don't use those words how will we be able to give them the encouragement they need. I'm aware that comments like dread and fail may deter newer runners but in the flipside the encouragement they then receive could help people that feel similar but don't post and just read.

CheapRunnerGraduate in reply to Stevieplink

This is probably one of the most helpful community. I too was a lurker until W5. The idea is to make everyone understand that an incomplete run is not to be seen as a failure otherwise they may be easily discouraged. Instead, they need to buckle up and run again a day after. This motivation should come from within.

StevieplinkGraduate in reply to CheapRunner

I agree wholeheartedly. I actually used the word dread in one of my v early posts and the encouragement I received in reply means that I haven't been anywhere near those feelings since. If I hadnt had made my feelings clear however would I be where I am today, running w7 and park runs. I don't think so. I love this forum and people like yourself are so inspirational. People have different mindsets and may need to.express themselves in different ways to.get the help they need.


Don’t be gutted, don’t be too hard on yourself, you got out there and tried. You also just learned a very valuable lesson - hydration! The only run I ever had to abandon was due to lack of hydration - I just sort of ran out of fuel! Never made that mistake again!

Never again ! I am now drinking a lot of water ... too little too late this time!

W8 r1


You've just had a rubbish run we all get them at some point , you ran 17 for minutes could you have done that 7 weeks ago . Have a rest day and try again you can do this 😊

I meant Epic Fail in the more humorous way - didn't mean to offend!


It’s fine it happens! Take your rest day at least and repeat the run! You do this programme in your own time so just chill! And yea drink before you run! LOL


Think of it as a practice run, and it still added to your running legs.

Getting the hang of hydration is key, I run on empty ( no food or drink) but I have to make a conscious effort to drink well the day before.

Tip that helps me...

I take a bottle of water on my drive to work, 250mls going, same on my way home.

Its 500mls I wouldn't usually have.

I also keep a fluid log on my phone, set for a minimum of 1800mls.

Enjoy the next run. 🤩

I have my w7 run 1 tomorrow but really nervous about it as I struggled with W6r3. Good to hear comments that in can be a practise run if need be. Will keep that in mind. Forum really good to see how others are managing this program

Chris141Graduate in reply to MJH1

Of course! You do the programme in your own time! If for any reason you are unable to complete a run just repeat it. And if you don’t feel ready to move on even after completing a run repeat it. But my advice is if you have completed a run you are ready so give it a go! Nice and steady! You will be fine!

A failed run is one you don’t go out and do! So well done for getting out there, you learnt something today in your running journey and that’s OK! You now have experience under your belt by what happened today and you can use it to help and prepare others. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get ready for the next run! Go and smash it up! Xx

Time to quit while your ahead, it’s not worth the hassle.

Sophia1712Graduate in reply to BobbyBasra

Why are you on the forum with that attitude?

OP - you didn’t fail, you ran! Just a nice short practice run 😊

I was feeling low after my first run, i thought if others quit with me I would feel better? Silly I know! I apologise Sophia x


I bombed out at about 17 minutes on a couple of occasions, but a quick read on here reminded me that I'd actually achieved 17 mins both times. It happens. Sometimes our bodies just don't want to play. Don't force it, there will be plenty of other runs


Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

We don't use the F word here!

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5... and includes advice on hydration and pacing which may help.

Enjoy your journey.

Did it ! 💪🏻

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