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Epic fail from garmin!

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So off I went with my spangly new orange forerunner 10, (he's called Rocky after Rocky balboa!) super excited about how i might for once know my pace. Logged into training run with endomondo, and pressed the button on the watch. 10mins later it's still not located my dam whereabouts. I'm annoyed, I'm peeved, I've thrown the bloody receipt out. And I run a bit faster because of it. Ohh an angry run and a personal best for my 5k. When I get back to the car of course I'm crazy happy with that, and I start to fiddle with the watch. Then I realise you have to be standing still for it to lock onto the GPS, and it was my epic fail.....or was it, two words---- PERSONAL BESTπŸŽ‰

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Ha ha, sorry for laughing but you made me!

It's cos it's new and doesn't know where in the world you are, so it takes more time. Once it has you, then it's generally quicker. Mine took ages yesters as I was last running aways off last weekend. Stand still, away from tall buildings and trees if you can, in the open is best it would seem.

You and Rocky will get on fine from here on in. A marriage made in heaven. Go out there and have fun. Run off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

When you upload your run into Garmin Connect, and see your PB pop up in glorious technicolour, your heart will swell with pride. Load up quick as we're all in there waiting to see your stats cos we is nosy bu**ers!

If it didn't record it this time can you run it again for us?

SparkyifhungryGraduate in reply to misswobble

Doh as Homer Simpson would say- I promise I'll do it again for you, and I'll try the angry annoyed run again, seems to work for me!! X


Hey, Sparky! With a name like Rocky he should be able to get his satellite fix on the move. Pfft. Having said that, you managed to beat your PB so whoop whoop! Your post is bang on time - I'm thinking about a Garmin forerunner 10 too (or rather, dropping very heavy hints for Mothers' Day) because Gizmo the phone refuses to deal with European satellites, and can't find the Asian ones he demands.


I have the F10, I think most of us here do too. Lovely little watch, if a bit dippy at times. You could buy your own one Emfam, get the sprogs to wrap it for you, and your OH to cough up. In advance. Natch!

useitorloseitGraduate in reply to misswobble

Ha ha that's what I always do with birthday presents. You just can't trust men and kids to (a) remember, (b) choose anything you would remotely want in a million years or (c) wrap it!!!


useitorloseitGraduate in reply to Rignold

Sorry, men and kids of the world. Sweeping generalisation there. As you say, ahem.

mfamiliasGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks, girls. Yup, have to play this with care because I usually get a line-up of victims for my own version of Death Row, aka the garden. I've told Little My (my daughter) who's very organised and clued-up (she doesn't get it from me).


Good tips guys. Thanks. I'm waiting on my new baby to arrive this week (name TBC). I'll make sure he gets some time to familiarise himself with his new surroundings prior to being put to work! ☺


He he well done.

A good idea is to connect the watch up to your PC/Laptop and 'register' the watch in Garmin Express. This will allow an easier/faster first time satellite lock.

SparkyifhungryGraduate in reply to Dunder2004

Great idea, I'll try that later, cheers


I usually set the Garmin in the window and looking for satellites while I get dressed for my run. It's usually ready to go when I step out the door.

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