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Techno man fails on C25k on W1 R1


ct5k week 1 run 1 technology got the better of me again . set app running on phone , closed screen and put in pocket . as I walked to top of hill I thought this 5 min walk was long , open the phone and tried to open app to find it starting right at the beginning . started it again , but did some running and waling and but not quite the correct amount . when home tried this time not letting screen shut down and it worked.

so has anyone had a similar problem and how did you get over it.

concerned about shut app down or opening others up if I do not close screen

advise from techno people please

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I keep my phone open but then i carry it

I was hoping not to carry it , I think I will touch the buttons on the side and mess it up.

me a technology struggle to be friends.


WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Somersetsmithy

Well it might be a fluke and as long as it is in a case it shouldn’t stop the app good luck


What make of phone do you have? Different phones behave differently - it might help if someone with the same phone answered!

Huawei phone i will have a play and see what happens tomorrow , i know what is expect now so my watch timer might be used


If you have problems with the app, maybe the podcasts would be a simpler option. There is a link in the guide to the plan

My daughter has the same issue. She has a Huawei phone, and looking in the forum's it appears as though there is no way to get the app to stay open unless you keep the app open and the screen on! In the early stages of the program she had to use the podcasts, but this was not ideal because you can't listen to your own music / Spotify etc over the top 😞 however, stick with it because once you get to the straight runs (20 mins +) you can just set timers on your phone's clock.

Zigas in reply to Bham81

I have Huawei too and mine did that at first but the trick is to start the app, then when you've pressed Run now and before you press Go. It says below the go button to start your music first then press Go. It's never shut down for me since.

Bham81 in reply to Zigas

Thanks Zigas, I'll tell her to give that a go!


I have an iPhone and this has happened to me only once. On that occasion I had the podcast, my music and was trying out another running app that tells you your speed, distance etc. Michael Johnson was frozen out along the way, so I stopped using the running app until I finished C25K.

I had this on my first run (I've just done W2R3 😁). Eventually found out how to change the settings on my Samsung so it allows the app to run in the background. It was buried deep in the settings. On a Samsung, go to Settings - Device care - Battery - Settings - Put unused apps to sleep. Here I unclicked C25K and now it works fine. PS I'm not a techno and it took me half a day to work this out so hope it works for you!

the trick is to start the app, then when you've pressed Run now and before you press Go. It says below the Go button to start your music first then press Go. It's never shut down for me since. I run Endomondo at the same time as well. Just make sure you have started your music and any other app like endomondo etc BEFORE you press Go.

Well C25K Week Run 3 finished . technology again coming out a winner. Run 2 was fine I seeked help and found where to stop phone going to sleep , held it while running , today forgot about sleep mode but everything seem to be going ok up till the last 2 runs , restarted as before and worked out what I needed to run to complete. when home I tried to run the app to show a completed run . 45 mins later I realised I could fast forward, happy days.

feel good after week one looking forward to week 2

thanks for all the earlier help and encouragement.

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