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Today was the first run of my new ju ju inspired 10K programme. It was wet, it was windy and I have a snotty bunged up nose. Oh well it's only a quick 3 K. I set off quickly (trying to be clever) and boy did I pay for it. I couldn't breathe, I got to an incline and that was me done. 2 K!!!!!!! How pathetic. Lessons learned? Don't try to be clever, run at a normal pace and certainly don't run when full of cold. Now I feel I have taken a step backwards but will keep going. At least I hauled my sorry self out of bed and whnt running. That is a positive......

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Take the positives, learn the lessons and move on.

Every run, good or bad, is training for the next one.


No f words.. you ran,,, your body told you it was a bad idea... and you stopped. Success!

So.. hydrate well... feel better and then head out... this was a practice:) x


Sounds a bit dramatic 😃

Take a big hankie or two, so you can have a good blow, as needs be 🤧🤧

Running up hills with a head full of gunk is hard but it helps get rid of it quicker I think 😃.

You should be running all the sessions at a normal pace. We did say 🤷‍♀️

Yeah I know, nag, nag 😁

Good on you for getting out 💪👍🙂

Pete1wGraduate in reply to misswobble

You did say didn't you😂😂😂😂 I never listen. My thought was because now I'm such an amazing runner I could run 3 K backwards in my sleep on one leg. Now I know differently. I will pay more attention to you lovely folk in future.

misswobbleGraduate in reply to Pete1w

😁😁😁😁. You guys 🙄😁


I hear you re ‘bunged up nose’, just gone down with cold myself. Legs like lead so I’m not running anywhere today. Well done on starting Ju Ju’s Plan though!

Pete1wGraduate in reply to Maybe58

I wouldn't recommend it😊. I felt terrible. Feeling better now though. Hope you get well soon.

Maybe58Graduate in reply to Pete1w

And you 🤧😷


We run we learn and live to run again, should always listen to misswobble and Oldfloss 😊

Dexy5Graduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Oh and don’t forget IannodaTruffe 😉


Yeah we can’t run if we feel like shite. Wait til you feel better and then head out with your giant hankies I have nicked all my husband’s best white hankies. I fold one under my wrist towelling wrist band (another boon when your nose is running) 🙂👍


I have learnt a lesson. Should be running tomorrow but 1 more days rest is in order I think. I couldn't bare the thought of another run like yesterday.

How brave! I don't think i could go out there if i felt like this. I'm sure you realize it is not a fail! The circumstances play an important role in the outcome.

And anyway that's what you should've set out to run: 2k. A nice run to keep you going but not long enough to deteriorate you. So well done! You did the right thing 😂

All except going fast!

Anyway hope you feel great again very soon. There are no backwards steps!


What a difference a rest makes. Went out this morning in the wind and rain (considered going back to bed) and ran a 32 minute 5.6 K. Loved it. Let's see what the next run brings.......

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